I made a 3-LED by-Android-controlled Arduino application.

I used the HC-06 Bluetooth module, bought from Alibaba.

The arduino and LEDs are pretty standard.

For the app I used the incerdible online MIT App inventor application.

Step 1: Hardware

The hardware is pretty simple. You'll need some LEDs, I used 3 of different colors.

The connections are as followed:

  • pin11 --[orange]-- redLED+ --- redLED- --- 220OhmsResistor --- GND
  • pin12 --[orange]-- greenLED+ --- greenLED- --- 220OhmsResistor --- GND

  • pin13 --[orange]-- blueLED+ --- blueLED- --- 220OhmsResistor --- GND

  • 5v --[green]-- HC06VCC
  • GND --[yellow]-- HC06GND
  • TX --[orange]-- HC06RX
  • RX --[yellow]-- HC06TX

This application will be onedirectional: APP --> Arduino, so the 6th connection is not needed.

<p>I did it! pretty amazing project, doesn't cost that much, easy to setup and run</p><p>i used 82 Ohm resistors instead of 2200 Ohm for more brightness </p><p>thank you so much for this cool mini project, </p><p>Damascus - Syrian Republic </p>

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