Introduction: Arduino-Android Bluetooth LED Controller

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I made a 3-LED by-Android-controlled Arduino application.

I used the HC-06 Bluetooth module, bought from Alibaba.

The arduino and LEDs are pretty standard.

For the app I used the incerdible online MIT App inventor application.

Step 1: Hardware

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The hardware is pretty simple. You'll need some LEDs, I used 3 of different colors.

The connections are as followed:

  • pin11 --[orange]-- redLED+ --- redLED- --- 220OhmsResistor --- GND
  • pin12 --[orange]-- greenLED+ --- greenLED- --- 220OhmsResistor --- GND

  • pin13 --[orange]-- blueLED+ --- blueLED- --- 220OhmsResistor --- GND

  • 5v --[green]-- HC06VCC
  • GND --[yellow]-- HC06GND
  • TX --[orange]-- HC06RX
  • RX --[yellow]-- HC06TX

This application will be onedirectional: APP --> Arduino, so the 6th connection is not needed.

Step 2: Arduino Code

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I started my code, based on

I use 3 LEDs instead of only 1.

Step 3: Android App

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The app is made using MIT app Inventor: .

The App interface is build using 3 buttons with an image over it.

I just used powerpoint to gave it some different colors and a white or yellow background.

When pressed, the the image switches between a white background image and the yellow background image.

The APK file is included.

It is very easy to expand the app further to include eror handling, support more LEDs, communicate back,... .


LuisF45 (author)2017-12-08

can i use hc05? thanks

WaleedA59 made it! (author)2017-03-18

I did it! pretty amazing project, doesn't cost that much, easy to setup and run

i used 82 Ohm resistors instead of 2200 Ohm for more brightness

thank you so much for this cool mini project,

Damascus - Syrian Republic

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