Picture of Arduino Asteroid Game

This is an Arduino Game.
What you need
1. arduino uno or mega
2. arduino software
3. 2 potentiometer
4. 6 pin accelerometer
5. lots of wire
6. breadboard
7. 16x2 LCD arduino approved screen

Step 1:

Picture of
All you need to do is mount the sensor and screen and look in the code what pins to connect where!!!! This is a very basic program that is easy to understand. If you have any questions please ask!!! At the moment i am working on a pir and ping self guided car.
kenny285401 year ago
Could you provide a pin out diagram? I'm new at this and I really need it. Thanks.
SanticN4N (author)  kenny285401 year ago
Actually the pin out diagram is based on the screen. You have to look at the data sheet of the screen and cross reference or modify the code I gave.

Hope this helps!!!
SanticN4N (author) 3 years ago
I will be adding a video shortly!!!!!