Arduino Autonomous Lawn Mower As CutFlower





Introduction: Arduino Autonomous Lawn Mower As CutFlower

Hello, here is an article on the creation of an autonomous mower, a first embodiment of a project based arduino uno bennurre.

MEG motor propulsion (engine essuis ice), cutting motor brushless 1000KV, obstacle detection by three sonar sensors and 2 front collison.
Energy provided by 2x 12V 7Ah lead acid batteries for a total weight of 10Kg robot.

On the blog:  you will find the entire code, numerous pictures and videos ...

Version 2.0 is already being prepared ... to follow the blog!

Thank you!



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    bro, what is the DIAMETER size of your wheel in INCH...

    thank you for this project... it can help me using Arduino and Wiper motor...