Arduino Base Wireless Pc Control Robot .




Introduction: Arduino Base Wireless Pc Control Robot .

here i use very rigid base for future Reference so i can modify it in future ...i can make material handling vehicle with this base ,line follower robot with this base , or any other Robot but this instructable is related to making of wireless pc control robot with arduinio and Rf module ...

Part to Be Required

1.Arduino board (2 Board)

2.relays (or motor driven )

3.Rf module

4.Bread board

Rf module

here i use Rf module 315mhz

all other part easily available at any online store

Step 1: Transmitter Circuit

Rf trasmitter have 4 wire

vcc - connected to 5v

Gnd- connected to Gnd

Antina - connected to antina or simple jumper wire

Data - connected to 12 number pin of arduino Trasmitter side .

Step 2: Receiver Circuit..

Step 3: Download Virtual Wire Library and Arduino Program

Download Virtual Wire library

Download zip file of both the program Transmitter side Arduino program

And Receiver side Arduino program .

Step 4: Video



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