Arduino Based Auto Timer / Stop Watch Timer for stroking time Measurement

Picture of Arduino Based Auto Timer / Stop Watch Timer for stroking time Measurement
The Need:
Last week around at work I had another usual un-usual  problem to face with.  Having to make lots of mechanisms n components to work with-in seconds or fracs at times I kind-of knew this was always coming.

And invariably so my poor mind couldn't think of anything but Arduino for a handy solution that should be compact, flexible, highly customizable, rugged and most importantly easier to work around.
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Step 1: The Problem:

Picture of The Problem:
What we had is an arm moving around from an actuator which we would like to tap with some contact type micro switces (limit switches) to give a feed-back signal as the awkward figure suggests.

Step 2: Components:

Picture of Components:
I franatically searched for the components from the Junks I always treasured with the hobby kit coming-in handy..

LCD Display (16x2) - 1
Arduino - 1 (Duemelanove is what I had)
Micro Switches - 2
Hook-up wires for (bread board) - Plenty (see Fritizing schematic for actuals)
Bread Board - 1 (for Prototyping)
LED - 1 (fok blinking indication)
Resistors 330 & 2K - 1 each
potentiometer 4k - 1  ( I had used one 2k Resistor and a 4K POT in comb. instead of a 6k pot to control the display as it came so handy from the junk parts)
2n22221 year ago

Looks like a great Project, I am new at this, I get an Error the line: char buf[15f00]; // string buffer for itoa function.

Is [15f00] right ???