Picture of Arduino Based Four Legged Robot
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The name of our robot is FIER and here is a video of it saying hello to the world.

In this instructable, I will try to show you the basic steps to making your own walking robot for the most bang for your buck. 

You may be asking why did I use balsa wood as the body for the robot. The reason I did this was to make the robot as lite weight as possible. In order to make the robot as cheap as possible I had to use the cheapest servos I could find since there is so many needed and because the servos are so cheap they have a low torque and can't handle much weight and in turn, balsa wood. Plus balsa wood is really easy to work with.

Age: 23
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Step 1:

Step 2: Equipment and Supplies

Picture of Equipment and Supplies
I have created a list of equipment and supplies you will need to build you own robot. I have attached an excel file that list all the items and website links for the supplies. The total cost for the basic robot is just a little over a $100, but this does not include shipping. Some things you may want to consider going to a store nearby that sells these products, like the balsa which can normally be found in a hobby store or craft store.

I also added some optional items. I suggest holding off, on getting the battery for they can be a little expensive and the one listed doesn't even come with a charger. I suggest just getting a 5 - 6 volt source and run a wire, because the robot won't be walking very far, very fast. Finally I would suggest getting the accelerometer to help the robot balance itself, but it may be a little hard for someone that doesn't have much experience in programming.
airfoil233 made it!9 months ago

Thanks a lot! I've made my own, with IR control.

vexedphoenix (author)  airfoil2339 months ago

Wow, that is amazing. I'm glad you took it much further than I ever did. Great Job.

asif3051 year ago
can u plz send me the code for moving all legs
in .doc file
thanks in advance

were you able to get the code for the legs?

yes i have made that code and we executed in our fyp successfully

carguer171 year ago

can you send me the code for this project?


tanhinh1 year ago
I don't enough to money to buy the Servo Motor.But I really want to do it.So could you answer me Can I use the Motor Encoder please?
um im doing this as a science project and i want to know if you can tell me a store to buy all of the stuff: home depo walmart ect.
thank ypo
vexedphoenix (author)  JoshuaAvila2102 years ago
There is a Parts and Material page for this tutorial, that contains an excel file that has a website link for each item.
aaaooo602 years ago
sir, i am trying to build a quad pet with 8 servo using c language but i am finding very hard to implement because i am first time using servo motor and unable to control it so sir can you plz gave me few sample code to control servo motor and rest i can do it my self because my teacher don't know any thing about servo motor programing.
vexedphoenix (author)  aaaooo602 years ago
There is an example available in the programming page of this tutorial. It contains code to control the PWM driver, which controls the servo.
also can it be near west covina
i cant quite get where to put the wires
that is one of the great idea......i liked it now very soon going to work on it.....
ikertf2 years ago
hello I liked this project. I'm starting with the programming of arduiuno and I would like to know how you can add this robot to any sensor or by remote control. thanks
Steve_Racer2 years ago
That is awesome! I've been thinking about an inexpensive quadruped robot, but you beat me to it and with some good ideas that can be easily scaled / modified / adapted. I love those legs.
wilgubeast2 years ago
Great first instructable! The videos definitely help, and your photos were sufficient. Flesh out that intro a bit more, and keep developing your photography skills (pun!). Soon you'll be winning contests with the best of 'em.
vexedphoenix (author)  wilgubeast2 years ago
Thanks for the advice, I'll try to improve this instructable as soon as I can.
pedroxl2 years ago
here dude see this
Hey It's awesome and I'm surely gonna try this...
Can you please let me know how the software works I didn't quite understand that part properly...
Please mail it to me..
Will await for your reply.