Hi everybody!

UPDATE: I released the version 2 of Pedosa Glass which has a 3D-printed case and a more compact size, and I had an exhibit at Maker Faire Hong Kong 28-29 Nov!

I am Jordan Fung, a 13-year-old student from Hong Kong. I have been developing Android and iOS apps, and I've developed 6 apps (available on the Google Play store and iTunes App Store). In addition, I have also been doing Arduino programming and prototyping.

In this Instructable, I am going to introduce you to my latest project, the coolest project I've ever made - an Arduino-Based Smart Glasses - the Pedosa Glass!

I will also show show you how you can replicate one yourself!

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Check out the video introduction on Youtube:

Step 1: What's Inside?

The Pedosa Glass is powered by a single Arduino Nano running an "operating system" developed by me.

There is a tiny FLCOS display in the front. The AV signal from the Arduino will be displayed on it. It is equipped with 3 push buttons, in which 2 of them are control buttons and one of them be the home button, also equipped with a super-bright white LED for use as a flashlight.

<p>Impressive dude</p>
Looks great. Good job
<p>Error 404: code files not found!</p>
<p>Awesome. Kinda reminds me of the Google glasses.</p>
<p>How can a 13 year old do a such of thing?It is amazing!</p>
<p>Training and never give up.</p>
<p>thats japon for you :( i feel sorrr about my contry (tunisia) but im learning arduino on my own now i hope i can make great stuff too</p>
<p>amazing,how did you find such HUD compatible display?</p><p><br>I had bought a crt viewfinder and re incased it for making it small back in 2013.<br><br>here are its pics.<br><br>sorry,didn't make instructable on it.but soon will<br></p>
<p>Your display is quite expensive....mine costs 10$ and has extremely high resolution.</p>
<p>I think you should wire the brightness up down wires to a switch before 3d printing a case</p>
<p>Good job man.</p><p>when I was 13,</p><p>I mostly made super easy wooden crossbows (7 of them, proficiently made but badly documented)</p><p> and a few electronic analogue circuits </p><p>and my every attempt to create an Instructable failed badly, and guess what?</p><p>they still are the worst. :p</p>
<p>How can a 13 year old do a such of thing?It is amazing!</p>
The diagram is kind of hard to read (then a gain I have no experience). Could u add more pics or a simpler diagram? Also where is the power source and the charger port
<p>Where are The Programs??</p>
<p>Woah, thats amazing, and the software looks great! Voted, hope you win! ;)</p>
<p>Did you ever consider putting the 2 buttons on a watch so you can access them easily.</p>
<p>Congratulations! Such a great project, and I am also only 12 years old, but I cannot create such a great device. Nice work and I voted for you! (BTW I was originally in HK) </p>
<p>ikr... :)</p>
<p>This is awesome! When I was 13 (I'm 16 now), I made a minicomputer based on the arduino uno. But this beats Gilbert by a long shot! I had the idea of making one of these things a while ago, but using some form of ARM processor or something. Thanks for indirectly reminding me! Maybe this can be a good side project while I'm making my game console (instructable in progress here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Home-Made-Pentium-III-Game-Console/ Could really use some support). I can see a successful future for you, Microsoft better watch out!</p>
<p>Very nice project Jordan, and you're only 13. This is amazing. I hope you'll develop this glass, because it has a lot of possibilities. I mean you can make it smarter. </p>
<p>Awsome instructible Jordan , im gonna vote for you ! What else can be <br>done to power the glasses ? other than USB i mean..please upload the OS <br>asap.</p>
<p>Jordan maybe use it xyz accelometer and using mouse this smart pedosa glass . It is possible. good luck</p>
<p>great job man :D :D </p>
<p>nice</p><p>good job</p>
<p>hm nice</p>
<p>Great job Jordan!</p>
<p>dude this is awe some</p>
<p>HOLY COW-DUINO! (see what I did there? :) )</p><p>I'm 13 too, and I have no idea what anything about arduino means, But from what I can understand, this is AWESOME!!!</p><p>Also, What battery did you use? Li-ion/li-po or something like that?</p><p> I've also voted for you in the &quot;Wearable Tech&quot; contest</p><p>I watched the video, and by &quot;Smart Glasses&quot; do you mean something like the &quot;Google Glass&quot;?</p>
<p>He didn't use any bettery. 5V usb voltage in.</p>
<p>Jordan, This is amazing! I am very inspired by this.</p>
<p>Where do you download the Pedosa Glass OS?</p>
The operating system was developed by me.<br>However, the file which were originally in the section above is missing<br>I will try to upload it again so be sure to check back later
<p>I think you should name the OS the PedOSa</p>
<p>Excellent project. BTW your english is very good, well presented and easy to understand. One question, is the output to the display from the arduino NTSC/PAL or is it digital?</p>
He is using the TVout library which does NTSC/PAL
<p>Pretty Neat Glasses</p>
<p>I am not trying to be rude, but there aren't really any clear instructions on how to make the glasses. The idea and prototype is really awesome, don't get me wrong, but it would be cool if there was instructions on how to make it, especially how you did the software part.</p>
<p>Pretty Neat Glasses for a kid to make<br></p>
<p>I don't think the Arduino code files are posted here...</p>
<p>Very good. I wil be looking forward to future developments.</p>
<p>Wow, great Instructable! Very impressive!</p><p>Is this FLCOS similar enough to what you're using to be usable for this project? <a href="http://www.banggood.com/FPV-Night-Vision-Goggles-Viewfinder-Monitor-Micro-Display-p-912901.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.banggood.com/FPV-Night-Vision-Goggles-Viewfinder-Monitor-Micro-Display-p-912901.html</a></p>
<p>Really nice project but the cost of the display from Banggood shipped to the UK puts it right out of my reach at &pound;40 GBP :-(</p>
Thanks!<br>Btw I think that's the one<br>Thanks for providing the link, I will credit you for that!<br>Be sure to like and share my project!
<p>They're great! They really are! But if and when you start to take an interest in the opposite sex, you might want to leave them at home in the dresser drawer when you go out in public. Unless of course you can find someone who is smart like you and adores you for your brain. And let's hope you do because that is who you want anyway. Great project!</p>
Congrats and keep it up

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