Picture of Arduino Battery Backpack

Hello World!

I have been browsing internet for some cheap Arduino power source. I have found some overpriced lithium backpacks... Than i decided to make my own one. It is very cheap thing.

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Step 1: Parts and Tools

Picture of Parts and Tools

Step 2: Glue and connect switch

Picture of Glue and connect switch

At first we must glue switch to battery holder. Than cut and bend red wire. Solder it to one contact on switch and. Take short piece of wire and solder it to other contact on switch.

Step 3: Connect power connector

Picture of Connect power connector

Get the wire going from the switch and solder it to inside of the power connector. Take ground wire and solder it to outside of the power connector.

Step 4: Insulate switch...

Picture of Insulate switch...

Insulate wires and switch with hot glue.

Step 5: Attach it!

Picture of Attach it!

Attach your backpack to arduino with rubber bands and you are done!!!

Is it possible to program the Arduino using the usb cable while the battery back-up is on?

sandmanmato (author)  Naren_Murali1 year ago

Yes but backpack must be turned off.

Oh ok cool idea!! :)

sandmanmato (author)  Naren_Murali1 year ago

Yes but backpack must be turned off.

Very simple love it!
try hot glueing the battery pack to the board ;)
sandmanmato (author)  Wannahokaloogy1 year ago

I rubber band it because i wanted something not permanent