We are going to be making a flashy beer pong table.   The table lights up as cups are eliminated and old style arcade sounds are played.

This games elevates the subtle art of BEER PONG to a new level.  A sporting level.  A competitive, exciting, potentially sober (but hopefully not), future olympic sport!

This instructable only shows how to make half a table, but to complete the game and make ot 2 sided, just repeat all the steps and attach the two sides.

Here's what you'll need-

- 1000x800 sheet of ply
- 6 x Pint Cups
- White + Coloured Paint
- Old beer cask or keg for style points
- Some scrap wood / box / bricks for base

- Arduino board
- Bread Board
- 6 x LEDs
- 6 x Piezo sensors
- loads of wire
- Basic Soldering skills

-  Patience.....

-  More Patience


Step 1: Making the Table

Get a sheet of whaever wood is lying around, MDF / Ply, whatever it's going to be painted so dont worry too much about it.

Cut the sheet to 1000mm x 800mm.

Decide out where you want your cups to sit, by drawing a triangle and deviding the triangle into 4 even triangles (like the TRIFORCE).

The corners of each traingle show the centre points of your cups.

Drill a 10mm hole through the table at each centrepoint.

Paint all surfaces white and give it time to dry.

<p>Definitely would like a video to see how everything looks when it's in use.</p>
Yes, a video, please!
Pretty sweet!!! It would be even sweeter if we had a video and wiring diagram!!! plz

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