Hello everyone; I was looking for this project for a long time.  Finally I it it together with a lot of effort.  For this project you will need:

1-   Arduino Uno ($30 from Radio Shack)
2-   RTC DS1307 (like $2 from EBay)
3-   2 Shift Registers 74HC595 (like $1 eachh from Ebay)
4-   16 leds
5-   16 330 hom resistors
6-   Breadboards
7-   jumpers

The clock will display the hours using the first 4 leds, then the minutes using the next 6 leds and finally the seconds using the las 6 leds.

There is a better explanation from the original project here (as well as other cool projects): http://www.multiwingspan.co.uk/arduino.php?page=bclock

Step 1: The schematics

Here is the design; mounted in two full breadboards! (Make sure you've got all the connections right, fail to to so will give you a few days of headache; it happened to me!)
<p>Note: You can use unused analog pins (A0~A6) as extra digital output.</p>
<p>why my arduino shows problem to upload programm</p>
<p>I need more information!</p>

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