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Hello, This is my first instrcutable on how to make a bluetooth controlled arduino car. I have been studying electronics since 9th grade and now i have finally decided to pass my knowledge to others. In order to promote DIY culture among young enthusiasts I have taken this step.

A bluetooth controlled arduino car is a perfect start for beginners to learn robotics. It helps you learn basic arduino programming, controlling motors, and controlling stuff using inputs. This is also the first step towards wireless communication. You also learn how to power everything up because trust me efficient power supply is essential.

Let us begin.

Step 1: Getting the Material

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what you need is:

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Geared motors
  3. Bluetooth (HC-05)
  4. Motor driver (I made mine using L293d, but you can use L298 motor driver module)
  5. Acrylic
  6. 2x 4 volt batteries
  7. Some zipper ties and double sided tape
  8. A glue gun
  9. 100nf ceramic capacitors

Step 2: Making the Chassis

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  1. Cut a 6x4 inch rectangular piece from the acrylic.
  2. Solder the ceramic capacitors on each motor's terminal, along with the wires
  3. Glue the 4 motors to the acrylic rectangle.
  4. Drill holes where appropriate for the wires to pass through.
  5. Connect the 4 volt batteries in series to produce 8 volts.
  6. Glue the battery as shown.

Step 3: The Circuitry

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  1. Make connections using jumper cables as shown.
  2. Connect the motors in a parallel manner on each side of the chassis so that they move in same direction when voltage is applied.
  3. Connect the motors with the output pins on the motor driver module.
  4. Make a power supply using 7085 voltage regular and connect to battery as shown.

Step 4: Programming the Arduino

Here is the code.

(Note: You will need to change motor pin connections in case your car moves in opposite directions or does not move at all).

Step 5: Controlling It

Install the following application on your android phone.

App link

Pair with bluetooth. open the app on android phone and enjoy.

I am open to all kinds of feedback. Please feel free to comment or ask for any help if your robot is not working.


RajatB13 (author)2017-06-21

can i use promini?

Shaheer Sajid (author)RajatB132017-06-22

Promini is practically same as uno. Both use atmega 328.

Nidulaw (author)2017-04-10

i made it but it is not working

plz help me before 11th of april

i have a compition

plz help me

i dont know what happened

Shaheer Sajid (author)Nidulaw2017-04-10

You need to diagnose it.
Is you're Bluetooth properly connected to phone?
Is the wiring of Bluetooth to arduino is correct?
To test if the motors are working, One by one connect the four motor pins to 5 volts. If they run then you're motors are okay.
Check if you're motor driver is powered correctly. The 12 volt must go to battery. 5 volt to arduino 5 volt. The third is gnd.

Nidulaw (author)Shaheer Sajid2017-04-12

thanks for your help now it is working verry well

Shaheer Sajid (author)Nidulaw2017-04-10

Also check if the ENA and ENB pins are connected to 5 volts. There should be a small black jumper connecting these pins on the motor driver module

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-11-12

Nice. I DIY remote controlled cars.

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