In this instructable I am going to show you how to make Bluetooth controled car with 2 DC motors.

Step 1: Materials


1.2x DC motor

2.L298N (motor controler)

3.Arduino Uno (or clone)

4.HC-05 (bluetooth module)

Step 2: Chassis Editing

I cut off Middle plastic part and replaced it with wood, then I added 4x1.5V battery pack in the middle of it.

Step 3: Wiring Scheme

Connect one motor to the OUT1 and OUT2 pins of L298N, connect second to the OUT3 and OUT4 pins.

Connect positive wire of batteries to +12V pin and negative to the GND of L298N, then connect same GND to GND of arduino.

Pins of HC-05 are conected to arduino like this: GND to GND; VCC to 5V; RX to TX and TX to RX.

Pins of arduino 8,9,10,11 are connected to IN1,IN2,IN3,IN4 of L298N.

Step 4: Connecting

Connect wites like in prevous step.

Step 5: Upload Code to Arduino

Connect your PC to Arduino and upload this code.

Step 6: Download App

You can download app here:


Step 7: App

Turn on your car.

Open app, turn bluetooth on and connect it to the HC-05.

Step 8: Done

Special thanks to "Srpska Nauka", he helped me build this car.

You can check his acaunt here:


<p>Can you send this project pdf format to karolis656@gmail.com?</p>
<p>can i use the arduino bluetooth rc car app?</p>
<p>apenas ainda em versao de teste.</p>
<p>owsum site</p>
<p>qual o link do site?</p>
<p>no programa &quot;APK&quot; quais sao as portas do arduino para as luzes da frente e de tras?</p>
@Dzefri I met problems while uploading the files.. Please help me to solve it..
Hi everyone, I am beginner to arduino. I don't know how the black wire from the battery can be separated into two. I don't know how to see the wiring schematic. anyone who know please reply me . thank you very much.
can you change the code for a 2wd car.i mean there will be not left-right motor.car will turn right-left by using two motor same time
<p>premkumawat i hope u can help me</p><p>pls pls pls prem help me</p>
<p>i bought all these items,</p><p>i wired according to given...</p><p>i uploaded the code...</p><p>i connected hc05 with my tab...</p><p>but the car make no respones...i is remained stationary</p>
<p>i stucked at middle</p>
<p>anybody pls pls pls help to built this</p>
<p>really its working and a nice project</p>
<p>program code showing error...wat 2 do...</p>
Da pillai <br>Kayari ange meyyuvaanallo
<p>poda chekka</p>
pls help ,is there any way to add camera...
I loved your project.I decided to do this at school,<br>Can i add a spy camera to it....?
I have a problem on uploading codes and my system work when I plug it with my lapi
<p>i have a problem on uploading code</p>
<p>Hello to everyone.check out my new project about Arduino<br><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-PS3-Arduino-Project/?ALLSTEPS" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-PS3-Arduino-Project/?ALLSTEPS</a></p>
<p>my one motor is not working.even i have made the connections properly what could be the reasons.pls help me fast</p>
I've been searching for a way to do this with the l298n, this fit the bill, thanks!
<p>can we connect two motor drivers with arduino uno r3</p><p>and do i have to change the program for L293d motor</p><p>can someone plzzz help me fast</p>
Can i get the bluetooth code??
<p>hey i have all the materials you have listed but i made my rc car with 3 motors </p><p>one for steering and two for back wheels power</p><p>also i used the L293D motor shield because i had three DC motors</p><p>any idea where i could get the code for that for the arduino uno</p>
<p>i have made project of it but my motor is not working what can possibles problem can be????</p>
<p>Hello, you have done excellent work.Congratulations! I have a question.If i use this motor controller it will work?<a href="http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=66#.VnbUo_mLS70" rel="nofollow">http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route=product/pro...</a></p><p>and if yes i have to modify the code?Thanks in advance.</p>
<p>It should work, same wiring and code, I think that controller works same as my controller. :-D</p>
<p>ok man thank you.One last question.Can you explain to me these:</p><p>Motor1A is PWM?</p><p>Motor1B is Direction of the motor?</p><p>Motor2A is PWM?</p><p>Motor2B is Direction of the motor?</p><p>In other words, what variable is PWM and what is Direction?Thank you for your time.</p>
<p>Amazing project</p>
<p>Thanks :-D</p>
is there any different wiring...?
<p>I think there is different wiring. :-D</p>
can i use the first motor shield L293D the whole shield ? so for this can that code runs ?
<p>You can try, if it not works then you need to modify code. :-D</p>
<p>I m using the very first motorshield, evrything works fine - there just one problem i cant figure out how to change it - you outputs in your code affecting my Servo outputs - i don t know how to change to M1 and M2 dc motor outputs - until now evrything works fine. BTW im using the Slave HC-066 BT module . runs great no problems with it!</p>
<p>Great job man :-D</p>
<p>Great job! One question: Isn't there just one DC motor PLUS a servo motor?</p>
I used 2 DC motors but you can use one DC and one servo if you want. :-D
<p>Oh OK, the #include &lt;Servo.h&gt; in the beginning of the sketch confused me, but as I now see you don't use it anywhere. Hmmm, so I suppose you have one dc motor for each &quot;side&quot; of the car, correct? In the picture it seems that you have one motor in the back and one in the front. How do you turn the car if that is the case?</p>
One DC motor turn wheels left and right and it is at front, second DC motor make car go back and forward the one on back of the car.
<p>That is what I don't understand then. If it is NOT a servo motor, how do you tell the dc motor &quot;turn the wheels X degrees to the right&quot; for example?</p>
You can't. You can only tell which side you want to turn.
<p>Hi, I see! I am starting to understand your system now. One last question: When you apply voltage to the DC motor, it turns towards one direction. It tries to continuously rotate, however there is a maximum amount of degrees your wheels can turn/steer. How or when do you stop the dc motors from turning (stop supplying voltage to them in other words)? Or is it the case that you don't do that at all and they keep trying to rotate but they just can't?</p>
When you want to turn it other way just rotate + and -. When you want to stop it just apply - to both sides.
<p>I mean, how do you know when to stop giving power to the motors? Do you observe when it has turned so you send the command to stop applying power? I am asking this, because if you keep putting power and the motors cannot turn any more you might either break or burn something. :)</p>
It is working just fine, try to make it and you will see. You stop giving it pover when both wires are negative polarity.

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