Introduction: Arduino & Bluetooth Controlled Robot Car.

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This is my first project with Arduino uno. In this tutorial I'll show you how you can control a robot car via Bluetooth with my brand new android app. It's called "BlueArd" and it's the 0.1 version. I want to upgrade my app later and add more features.

Step 1: Required Parts/components

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1.Arduino uno with USB cable.
2.Bluetooth module HC-05.
3.Bread board.
4.Castor wheel.
6.L293D IC.
8.Jumper wires 20 M-M.
9.100/150RPM Motors-2
10.Nuts & Bolts.
11.1× smart phone.

Step 2: Schematics.

Picture of Schematics.

Make all the connections as shown in the above figure.
note that Bluetooth module RX is connected to TX of the Arduino and the TX to RX of the Arduino.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-03

Great idea. If I could add a bluetooth camera to this, I would finally have a decent way to inspect my crawlspace and ducts without getting dirty.

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