Introduction: Arduino Bluetooth RC Car With LCD

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LCD screen shows where your car heading (for example moving forward,backward,..)

I've just only modified the code and attach a LCD

Step 1: Parts List

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Arduino uno

HC06 Bluetooth module

L293D Motor Driver

LCD 16*2

Car chassis

Variable resistor

Battery pack (I used 6 AA rechargeable batteries)


Step 2: Circuit Diagram

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Download fritizing software to view the content (

pins D4=A0,D5=A1,D6=A2,D7=A3, R=A4 E=13 (pins used for lcd)

Connect LED to Digital 2 pin (optional)

Step 3: Programming

Download and upload this to your Arduino

Step 4: Android Software

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Download android software from the playstore (Arduino bluetooth car)

Android software


Step 5: Done !!!!! :D

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This is my first project so feel free to give any comments.


seamster (author)2016-05-23

Cool little rc car, thanks for sharing :)

SasithaD (author)seamster2016-05-23

You're welcome :)

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