This is how to make an RC car for around 40$(27$ w/ uno clone).

Step 1: Parts

1. An Arduino Uno(from Amazon), Micro, Mega, Duo, or Leonardo.($5.99 Uno clone)

2. Robot platform.

3. L298n Motor driver.

4. Hc-06 bluetooth module.

5. 9v battery.

6. 9v battery holder.

7.Android device.


Arduino IDE

Arduino Bluetooth RC Car

Step 3: App

The app is simple, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, UPRIGHT etc. ,also a slider. Arduino Bluetooth RC Car website.

Requires Android

2.3.3 and up.

Step 4: Wiring

Wire the robot as above, then it should be ready.

Thank you for reading.

Have fun!

Excuse but how can you fit more than one jumper wire into the arduino's pins? (I have never worked with arduino)
<p>join the wires at the middle and make only one pin of 2 wires and connect to arduino</p>
Also can I use 4 1.5v batteries with 1500 mAh?
<p>6 will work, actually better than a 9v.</p>
<p>If you mean powering the arduino, you can buy a <a href="http://www.ebay.com/itm/9V-Battery-Holder-with-ON-OFF-Switch-Solder-Power-Toggle-for-Arduino-/271454493050?hash=item3f33f2d97a" rel="nofollow">9v snap</a> that fits in the power plug,</p><p>or wire it diffrent:</p>
Are u sure it will works with that 9V battery ? and how much ampere does it supply ?
<p>It runs for around 15 minutes, and the batteries can supply 300mah(nimh). Li-ion batteries voltage is to low, as it cuts out at about 7.5 volts.</p>
I have 12v 1.3Ah. Will it work fine or will it destroy my arduino or l298n
<p>An uno theoretically can take 6-20v(7 - 12v recommended) but to be on the safe side</p><p>I would put a resistor in the circuit, like this: (your l298n will be fine):</p>
<p>I also made this one; but i changed the circuit diagram a little bit.. <br>~thank you</p>
Hi. Can you email me this project of your version
sure!! give me your email address please.
<p>(: Awesome! Keep it up guys I don't have much time so I can't post much :/</p>
<p>I am having trouble getting the car to respond with the app. the app says connected but nothing works. I have uploaded v 4.0 code to aurdino. plz help!</p>
<p>Can I use L293D instead of your motor driver. Is there any change in code.</p>
<p>I don't think so. (:</p>
sorry but my l298n can't move the dc motors. what I have to do?
<p>Well can you see if there is a wire lose?</p>
<p>sir can you send me full procedure of bluetooth car building and executing the code.</p>
<p>I am sorry I just don't have time but there are some good tutorials out there of the code building so you can look at those --&gt; </p><p>https://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/HomePage</p>
Hi Owen,<br>I have made this project with the help of your tutorial.It is working with the android app but when I press the forward button in the app only one motor rotates. Also when I press the back button then both the motor work. Please help me to understand why both the motors donot work at the same time. Please Help.......
<p>I think a wire from the arduino to the moter driver is lose</p>
<p>Was easy to build and funny to play with it! Thank you.</p>
<p>Proyecto terminado, la unica pega que encontre, fue la conexion del modulo bluetooth, que va cruzada el tx con el rx</p>
<p>Proyecto terminado, la unica pega que encontre, fue la conexion del modulo bluetooth, que va cruzada el tx con el rx</p>
<p>When I use the code ''bluetoothcar4.0.ino'' will I be able to add lights which can be controlled by the app (which it shows we can in the app).Does the code for bulbs contains in the code &quot;bluetoothcar4.0.ino&quot;?If so how can I connect the LED bulbs with the Arduino? or if it does not contain the code,how can I add it to the existing &quot;bluetoothcar4.0.ino&quot; code? and the code please. </p><p>waiting for the reply. </p><p> Thankyou</p>
<p>Yes, I will update the code (someday), any way, here's the code:</p><p>// replace the void loop with this</p><p>void loop() {</p><p> if (Serial.available() &gt; 0) {</p><p> command = Serial.read();</p><p> Stop(); //Initialize with motors stoped.</p><p> switch (command) {</p><p> case 'F':</p><p> forward();</p><p> break;</p><p> case 'B':</p><p> back();</p><p> break;</p><p> case 'L':</p><p> left();</p><p> break;</p><p> case 'R':</p><p> right();</p><p> break;</p><p> case 'G':</p><p> forwardleft();</p><p> break;</p><p> case 'I':</p><p> forwardright();</p><p> break;</p><p> case 'H':</p><p> backleft();</p><p> break;</p><p> case 'J':</p><p> backright();</p><p> break;</p><p> case '0':</p><p> Speed = 100;</p><p> break;</p><p> case '1':</p><p> Speed = 140;</p><p> break;</p><p> case '2':</p><p> Speed = 153;</p><p> break;</p><p> case '3':</p><p> Speed = 165;</p><p> break;</p><p> case '4':</p><p> Speed = 178;</p><p> break;</p><p> case '5':</p><p> Speed = 191;</p><p> break;</p><p> case '6':</p><p> Speed = 204;</p><p> break;</p><p> case '7':</p><p> Speed = 216;</p><p> break;</p><p> case '8':</p><p> Speed = 229;</p><p> break;</p><p> case '9':</p><p> Speed = 242;</p><p> break;</p><p> case 'q':</p><p> Speed = 255;</p><p> break;</p><p> case 'W':</p><p> digitalWrite(13, LOW);</p><p> break;</p><p> case 'w':</p><p> digitalWrite(13, HIGH);</p><p> break;</p><p> }</p><p> Speedsec = Turnradius;</p><p> if (brkonoff == 1) {</p><p> brakeOn();</p><p> } else {</p><p> brakeOff();</p><p> }</p><p> }</p><p>}</p><p>//end of code </p><p>then attach your led(s) to pin 13 and Gnd.</p><p>Thank you. </p>
can a hc-05 module be used
<p>i like it</p>
<p>Thank you.</p>
<p>my wheels dont move when i try moving it on the bluetooth application. im providing power through the arduino usb cable to laptop to test. im using the same components except the 9v connector when im testing this. im assuming there is not enough power for the wheels to turn and i need to hook up a 9V battery for it to properly work? </p>
<p>Hello, sorry for the late reply. Yes, you do need the 9v for the motors to spin, or any</p><p>7v-12v supply.</p>
I have the same problem
<p>i have the same problem</p>
<p>no puede leer mi arduino ide carbt.fzz como lo habro y si es nesesario</p>
<p>i want to make such a car</p>
<p>i want to make such a car</p>
<p>i want to make such a car</p>
<p>which code is to be used </p><p># bluetoothcar3.0.ino.ino</p><p>or</p><p># bluetoothcar4.0.ino.ino</p>
<p>When I run the robot moves without pause when I click and ceases to press it continues to move</p>
<p>So, if you turn it on it drives forwards no matter what? </p>
<p>Try double checking your wiring?</p>
The code is not proper<br>
<p>Do you have any suggestions?</p>
<p>i did it and it is eay to follow your instructions. this is my first arduino project.,it amazing.thank you</p>
<p>Thank you.</p>
<p>i did it and it is eay to follow your instructions. this is my first arduino project.,it amazing.thank you</p>

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