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The Program:!YFkyia5Q!x5ytSGWDa8olQ1eMkamRhZoXms2Irfb6kHHsMubzMGg

The Code:

int motorPin1 = 10;
int motorPin2 = 11;
int motorPin3 = 8;
int motorPin4 = 9;

void setup()

pinMode(motorPin1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(motorPin2, OUTPUT);
pinMode(motorPin3, OUTPUT);
pinMode(motorPin4, OUTPUT);

digitalWrite(motorPin1, 0);
digitalWrite(motorPin2, 0);
digitalWrite(motorPin3, 0);
digitalWrite(motorPin4, 0);

void loop(){
char vDados =;
if (vDados == '1'){
if (vDados == '2'){
if (vDados == '3'){
if (vDados == '4'){
if (vDados == '5'){
if (vDados == '6'){
if (vDados == '7'){
if (vDados == '8'){


void fParar(){
digitalWrite(motorPin1, 0);
digitalWrite(motorPin2, 0);
digitalWrite(motorPin3, 0);
digitalWrite(motorPin4, 0);
void fFrente(){
digitalWrite(motorPin1, 1);
void fDireita(){
digitalWrite (motorPin3, 1);
void fRe(){
digitalWrite(motorPin2, 1);
void fEsquerda(){
digitalWrite (motorPin4, 1);


Rafael Pollon - Electrical Engineering
Mauro Murari - Information System
Kelvin Salton - Information System


crimsonfire19 (author)2015-01-25

Is it the full code? I tried this link!dZFEgRJD!XKTOuzyVV3aA8yrLwSpLa4LEij4KCZerXR but it said that I need some decryption key

and also this link!MElUgLya!KHfUSlgZwJzSvHZ63jxVp5OL7idkJJxoAInSOuVyBYU said that the file is no longer available

joy khan (author)rafael.pollon2015-12-11

sir i have hc-06 bluetooth module will it work?

try this link. thank you.!dZFEgRJD!XKTOuzyVV3aA8yrLwSpLa4LEij4KCZerXRzOAeIZf34

joy khan (author)2015-12-11

i have bluetooth module hc-06 will it work?

shreyas songirkar (author)2015-08-31

Need to programe HC 05 bluetooth module or not?

shreyas songirkar (author)2015-08-31

which app to use to control this Rc car by our smart phone ?

great project.

jorge.murcia3 (author)2015-04-10

hola disculpa me podrías dar la contraseña para desemcriptar el link para poder descargar el código completo por favor te agradezco de antemano

Ajayv2 (author)2014-12-16

i have some questions regarding this project,Please help me out here

1:-The code you posted is the full code?

2:-Which application you used to control the car from PC.

rafael.pollon (author)Ajayv22014-12-16

the full code is here.
The application is here:!dZFEgRJD!XKTOuzyVV3aA8yrLwSpLa4LEij4KCZerXRzOAeIZf34

Ajayv2 (author)rafael.pollon2014-12-28

Thanks!! :) :D

abiton (author)2013-07-23

Amazing project. Good job. Can you please update the full code and schematic ?

rafael.pollon (author)abiton2013-07-24

Thank you! The complete code is there and I updated the schematic for you.

ben ammarM (author)rafael.pollon2014-11-26

hello sur:

may i get the full source code of your Amazing Project and thier shema and with all steps i need to Realise one Like yours ?

rafael.pollon (author)ben ammarM2014-12-16

the complete code is here. what is your doubt ?

IshanP (author)2014-10-17

is there any change if u use arduino UNO instead of mega?

rafael.pollon (author)IshanP2014-10-18

yes, u can use arduino UNO without problems

urosstojcic (author)2014-02-25

Can you please send me example of delphi code you used to send commands to COM port??

The program has been add to instructables

yshah (author)2014-03-02

ur project is excellent sir, but i need help. i am new to circuits and all, so i need complete circuit and components list to be use.i

i want complete understanding of whole circuit and use of some parts as u mention above of some of d.u can mail me d details at
rafael.pollon (author)yshah2014-05-11

The program has been add to instructables

rafael.pollon (author)yshah2014-03-11

yes, more specifically which circuit you mean?

rockfellerphilipnittala (author)2014-03-11

which type of camera u used ....and plz send the details of cam.thank you

I use an analog camera, which work independent from circuit

genius721 (author)2013-12-17

hi i love your project thinking of making my own one.
what would be a good project for a beginner in arduino but am skilled in electronics

rafael.pollon (author)genius7212013-12-19

ty, was one of those my first projects too, good luck on yours. i can help if you got doubt. fb = rafaelpollon

science22 (author)2013-09-01

could an arduino uno be used instead?

rafael.pollon (author)science222013-09-02

yes, anyone

jabujavi (author)2013-08-06

8 if-else??
next time use switch...

rafael.pollon (author)jabujavi2013-08-06


abiton (author)2013-07-25

How the control is done through the computer?..

rafael.pollon (author)abiton2013-08-06

the control from computer is on the bluetooth, do you need connect and paired the device, he will create a COM port. make a program on delphi to send commands to COM port and will works..

abiton (author)2013-07-24

Thanks for the reply and update. The code for the motor only, and handles on BT, camera, and computer application.

I really liked your project and I want to build my own too.

If you can send me more detailed documents, if you have.
my email is:
P.M -
W.M -

Thank you so much.

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