Arduino Bluetooth Remote Lcd Display


Introduction: Arduino Bluetooth Remote Lcd Display


Today i made a simple but useful remote LCD.

What this does? You can connect your phone to the Bluetooth module of your Arduino, enter a text message and it will appear on the Arduino's LCD!

Step 1: The Stuff That You Need.

The stuff you will need:

-A breadbord.

-A Arduino HC-05 bluetooth module.

-A LCD display and potmeter

-A Arduino UNO or MEGA.

-Some wires.

-A mobile phone Android, Windows or Apple.

That's all!

Step 2: Stick the Parts in the Breadboard.

Not much to it... Just put the parts in the breadboard.

Step 3: Connect the Bluetooth Module.

Now you will need to connect the Bluetooth module to the Arduino.

Module: Arduino

TX ====>pin1

RX ====>pin2

VCC ====>+5v


Step 4: Connect the LCD

Now you'll need to connect the LCD screen to the Arduino.

See the above image for a schematic view.

Turn on your Arduno and test if the LCD is working properly. You will see some black filled pixels on the screen.

Step 5: Upload the Code!

Now you will need to upload the code to the Arduino.

Start up your Arduino Software and select the correct COM port and board.

Open the file added (Bluetooth Commander.ino) and press "upload"!

Step 6: Set Up Your Phone.

First you will need to pair to the Bluetooth network called HC-05 you can do this with password 1234.

Download from the phone store some app where you can send serial commands to the module.

I used Bluetooth Terminal for Android. When you have done that open the app click on connect to a device and tap on HC-05 it should connect now.

Step 7: Test It!

Now test it!

Just type some text into the commander and then the text will appear on the Arduino!

When you have a problem uploading the Arduino sketch try unpluggin the Bluetooth module's TX and RX pins, upload then.



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