What is a breathalyzer you may ask? It is a device for estimating blood alcohol content (BAC) from a breath sample.In simple terms it is a device to test weather a person is drunk or not. As the title suggests it runs on the arduino.Our breathalyzer uses the MQ-3 alcohol sensor from sparkfun.It is a simple and fun to do project.

This instructable explains how to create your own breathalyzer , making a shield for the arduino , putting the breathalyzer in a box, and making some changes to your breathalyzer.

This Breathalyzer is not meant to be used as a means of breathalyzing. The MQ-3 is not accurate enough to register exact BAC and is sensitive to temperature and humidity.Never drink and drive and if you do call me =D .

Step 1: Parts & Tools


~ Arduino Uno - Sparkfun.com

~ MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor - Sparkfun.com

~ 100k Ohm Potentiometer - Sparkfun.com

~ 330 Ohm Resistor - Sparkfun.com

~ 5 x Green LED's - Sparkfun.com

~ 3 x Yellow LED's - Sparkfun.conm

~ 2 x Red LED's - Sparkfun.com

~ 7805 Voltage Regulator - Local Electronics Store 

~ 1000 uf Capacitor - Local Electronics Store

~ 2 x 9v Batteries - Local Electronics Store


~ Soldering Iron - Sparkfun.com

~ Solder Wire - Sparkfun.com

~ Jumper Wires -Sparkfun.com

~ Protoboard - Sparkfun.com

~ Project Box - Local Electronics Store

~ Inhaler Tube - I Found It In My House 

<p>Thanks this is interesting and unusual. </p>
Nice description, I simplified it for prototyping and, I added a wait timer in the code for the mq3 to warm up about 15min.
<p>Why do you need the potentiometer? </p>
<p>hello, i made a cheap Breathalyzer2.0. please check it out</p><p>All credit goes to you.</p><p>Thanks</p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/Remix-Breathalyzer-20-Alcohol-Meter/</p>
<p>Hi, I bought LM393-MQ-3 Gas Sensor module. How should I connect this module to Arduino and what kind of conversion and calibration should I do to get the level of BAC and display it on a LCD.</p><p>Thank you very much</p>
I have tried this a few times but I can't get anything to work, all of the LEDs turn on immediately and just stay on, any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
The code was taken from: http://www.danielandrade.net/2010/03/07/building-an-breathalyzer-with-mq-3-and-arduino/ <br> <br>Should at least leave the header...
Mentioned the header sorry for not mentioning it before
can put a LCD display on this project and how? could you please help for my project
can i use atmega328 instead?
As pointed out in the comments on <a href="http://www.danielandrade.net/2010/03/07/building-an-breathalyzer-with-mq-3-and-arduino/" rel="nofollow">this page</a>,&nbsp;Sensor pin B needs to be connected to VCC, not GND. This is what the sample circuit in the datasheet shows, and a student of mine couldn't get the project to work until we did it this way.
Hi! How the MQ-3 SENSOR is hoocked up on the board? <br> <br>thank you! <br>marC:)
I have attached the schematic on step 5
I wanted to ask, is 6 volts from 4 AA batteries too much for the sensor? Can I use 4.5 volts instead?
Yes, You should use 4.5 volts instead always be on the safer side
Thanks a lot. I have since gotten a DC-DC converter and got the 5 volts I needed. But anyways thanks for the reply
nice one what is the cost after shipping to india??
They take 11$ to ship to india but its worth it.
very nice! i've been looking for a breathalyser for a long time now and this is the cheapest except the arduino uno try this one instead :) <br> <br>http://www.dealextreme.com/p/arduino-uno-rev3-development-board-120464?item=15

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