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Introduction: Arduino CPU+RAM Usage Monitor LCD

Hi all,

I tody i made a Arduino CPU+RAM usage monitor using a simple Arduino sketch and a program.
In this instructable i will show you how to make it.
The program features an Arduino connection tester and you can write custom text to the LCD and also monitor the CPU+RAM usage on your pc.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

The stuff you will need for this project:

-Jumper wires
-LCD display i used HD44780
-potmeter  10K
-Arduino Uno/Mega
-.Net Framework 4/4.5
-Arduino Software

Step 2: Connect the LCD to the Arduino

Follow the image from the Arduino website to connect the Arduino to the LCD.
Make sure all the connections are right!

Step 3: Upload the Code to the Arduino

Connect your Arduino to your pc/laptop.
Open the Arduino sketch i attatched and upload the code
Make sure there are NO errors!

When the download didn't work here is the code:

#include <LiquidCrystal.h>

//Set's lcd to the Arduino's ports
LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2);

void setup() {
  lcd.begin(16, 2);


void loop() {
  String content = "";
  char character;

  while(Serial.available()) {
      character =;

  if (content != "") {
    if (content == "`") {
  content = "";

if (content == "*") {
  content = "";
    if (content == "~") {


Step 4: Run the Windows Program

Now you can run the Windows appalication that sends the CPU and RAM usage over the serial port to the Arduino.
So make sure that your Arduino's USB is connected to your PC.

New version:

For the source code:

Step 5: Final Product

You are now finished!
When your Arduino or PC is not working correctly please send me a message and i will help you out!

Have a great day!



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    NOTE: I have found the source code! It was saved on one of my backup drives :$

    You can download the full source code rar at:

    Hello. Can you please upload the c# source codes? BTW good work!

    your site is down. i cant get to either of the downloads

    Sorry about that. Can't fix that right now.
    You can still download the source code. The exe file is in the folder GameControl/GameControl/bin/debug/GameControl.exe

    Source download:

    I need source code please in c#.

    hello mate, grand idea by the way. having a slight issue with my display when i run the program. Both lines of text start flickering and displaying random characters but when i close your program is stops displaying random characters and displays my Ram and CPU Usage and pauses, the display dons't update after that.


    It was a bug in my program. I updated the program.
    Please download the new version:

    Hope it's working!

    I cant seem to download the program from 4shared, could you mail it to me or upload somewhere else? :)