Arduino Chandelier from Jars

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Hi All,

This is my second instructable: Arduino chandelier from mini jars. My first one was my : Cuckoo Alarm Clock from Hard Drive.

I wanted to give my room some special design, with mooth lighting so when I had the option to use RGB leds and a Arduino board I decided I needed my own making a chandelier.

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Step 1: Intro: Gallery

Picture of Intro: Gallery

Before we get started we are going to need a little bit of motivation, take a look at these pictures and realize what you will be making.

This project very tedious and time consuming. Any time that you get frustrated while making this project, take a deep breath, come back to this step, take a look at the pictures and remember what you are working towards!

Step 2: Materials List


Here is what you need to make your chandelier:



  • Acrylic sheet
  • Spray paint
  • Copper wire
  • Insulation Sleeving
  • Mini jars (50 pcs)


  • Handsaw
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Hot glue and it's gun
  • Super glue
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • ...
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LoopyMind8 days ago

Did you order those mini jars somewhere? Or are they store bought?

funelab (author)  LoopyMind7 days ago

I just bought these jars from my friend's small shop. And this shop isn't online. Thanks!

What used SMD resistance? 121 and 100 ??

funelab (author)  Moonlight121212 days ago

It is SMD resistor 0805 size.

What is ...

R SMD resistor = Ω?

G SMD resistor = Ω?

B SMD resistor = Ω?

funelab (author)  Moonlight121212 days ago

For 5V power: Red LEDs use 120 Ohm or 150 Ohm resistors, Blue & Green LEDs use 100 Ohm resistors.

Thank you! anyway... I want to know Led grouping.

teach me, plz...

Led grouping.jpg
sabu.dawdy12 days ago

congrats and WOW

funelab (author)  sabu.dawdy12 days ago

Thank you!

first up I think this entry should be disqualified. why are they accepting such complicated and magical creations!! haha. just kidding bro. this is some awesome work. led magic is totally out of my park so I can only gawk at this. much deserved win. if I ever attempt this I will demand for international recognition and a state holiday. :)
funelab (author)  hardlydavidson12 days ago

Haha, thank you! you are so funny, just make the awesome projects and post it on Instructables, ỵou will get international recognition and a state holiday. :)) Have a so much fun summer!

shazni12 days ago

Congrats! I just knew you would win :-)

Please may I know where you got the small jars from? I would like to add this to my 'TO DO' List :-)

funelab (author)  shazni12 days ago

I just bought these jars from my friend's small shop. Also, congratulations you have won contest!

sunshiine13 days ago

This is beautiful! My kind of light! Thanks for sharing your hard work it has been noticed! Have a splendorous summer and enjoy those lovely lights, I have that for sure.


funelab (author)  sunshiine12 days ago

Thank you sunshiine! You too!

Akin Yildiz13 days ago

I respect your insane patience and explosive creativity, this is just incredible sir...

funelab (author)  Akin Yildiz12 days ago

Thank you very much! Have a nice summer!

phamandp14 days ago

so amazing!

funelab (author)  phamandp12 days ago


Nighter3D15 days ago

Ok. may i ask your opinion on this little matter:

"The 74HC595 is being overdriven":

The 74HC595 IC rated to be able to source/drain a maximum of 70/-70ma in total. Yet people use it as a led-driver for many Leds that go over this rating quite a bit. this has gotten people to either say the IC can handle it or that it is to get fried soon.

I got this theory that the Rating isn't really specific enough in regard to the actual power. That because of the voltage drop caused by the load (Leds+resistors) the actual current the IC can drain can in-fact exceed the rating as it is a current at a lower voltage (thus a lower power in Watt).

What do you think? its a thing that has been on my mind since Ive started designing a Numitron clock that uses these registers as cathode driver.

funelab (author)  Nighter3D12 days ago

74HC595 and resistors and LEDs are wired serial, so the current through each LEDs equal to the current through each pins of 74HC595, 10mA-20mA max. Also, I use PWM method to control the LEDs, means that not all the LEDs turn on at the same time, 74HC595 still so full of electric current for LEDs. Thanks!

lindarose9216 days ago

Congratulations! Your project is beautiful! :)

funelab (author)  lindarose9216 days ago

Thanks, your lamps are also amazing!


Thank you!! :)

Congratulations for making to the finals :)

funelab (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya16 days ago

Thanks! Hope you have many more contests on Instructables.

Thank you & thank you!

shazni17 days ago

I only can say WOOOOOOW!

Congrats on making the finali

funelab (author)  shazni17 days ago


brush217 days ago
this is awesome. I'll be making this with my wife as soon as I can.
funelab (author)  brush217 days ago


This is massively awesome. I'm wondering - how about making this reactive? ambient temp, volume, any data feed you like really - I work in financial services, so a visual representation of the market would be cool - thoughts?

I agree, I think this is an awesome looking project. And I definitely think it would be cool to make this reactive in some way. I'm hoping to find time to make this myself sometime soon. I will try to remember to update you if I get something figured out.

Beautiful, and gives me an idea or a bunch of scientific glass I have sitting around (test tube and pipettes). Instead of all of the complicated circuitry(which is very well done and surprisingly clean considering the space it is mapped in) I think I would use Neopixels(addressable RGB LEDs) and a trinket($8 Arduino-esk boards, both found at Adafruit), it would about half the build time and simplify the circuitry. Really, really, stunning work! Voted all 3.

I really want to build this, but the extensive amount of micro soldering looks a bit overwhelming. I'm a bit of a newb in terms of all the terminology with electronics, but how would the Neopixels simplify the circuitry, because they have built in resistors? You would still need the shift registers though right?

I haven't thought much about the wiring yet, but with Neopixels you only need 3 pins to run up to 100 or so, depending on your Arduino. Power, Ground, and Data Out, with data feeding through each Neopixel (Data In) and out the remaining pin (Data Out). Although you would definitely have to have a resistor leading in to each neopixel Data In so that the neopixel doesn't get a spike and burn out. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly suggest the Adafruit Neopixel Uberguide. I am about 95% sure that you wouldn't need any shift registers, which is one reason I love neopixels. *Neopixel Evangelist*

Thanks for the response. Yeah it's funny that you said that because I just read the entire Uberguide an hour ago haha. I'm wondering if you could do this whole project with the Flora series and not even need a Arduino Mini. What do you think?

The Flora is a great board which is basically an Arduino Leonardo (more to it than that, but just glossing over a bit). It is great for sewable projects, especially those that use serial communication. Personally, I would use a 5v Trinket board, because you don't have to do any of the steps above to program it (it comes with a USB port), you would only need 3 pins to solder the neopixels to, and trinkets are priced at approximately $8. You would need to add an on/off switch on your battery power lead though, because trinkets don't have power buttons. If you like the Flora line, there is also the Gemma as an option, very similar to the Trinket, just 3.3v.

Ya I brought up the Flora only because the Neopixels are circular in the Flora series, which would look nice on top of the bottles, versus the square design they have for the breadboard friendly series. The Flora Neopixels would work with the Trinket though wouldn't they? I definitely want to stick with the 5v Trinket vs the 3.3v Gemma.

Yes, the sew-able (Flora) neopixels will work. If you buy the snap-apart pack(20), they are a little cheaper. Good luck!
funelab (author)  Pickledkitty20 days ago

Neopixels is a good choice for RGB LEDs, but not available in my local. Thanks for voted!

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