Step 3: Start the layering.

Picture of Start the layering.
Now you will continue to solder and start layering the connections. This is where it starts to get complicated. At least you are going to just mirror your connections so far. Whatever you do on the right, you do the opposite on the left. Just be careful not to create any shorts, and give the bent wires enough room that they won't short if moved a little.

1. Top right + lead bends over left to the top right - lead.
2. Top right set's bottom - lead bends to the right to make contact with the + lead.
3. Do the same for the bottom set.
4. Bend the top set's top left - lead down to the bottom set's top left - pin.
5. Bend the lower right + lead of the top set down to the lower right + lead of the bottom set.
6. Do the opposite on the other side.

It may look bad, but you are going to end up with something that looks like two C's facing each other on each side. The top middle sections will be joined, as well as the bottom middle sections.

You then add the two center LEDs in opposite alignment of each other. You want the top one to be in the same alignment of all the others so far, and the bottom one to be the opposite. Then you connect the - of the bottom one to the + of the top one, and then to the top center connection. Then you do the opposite for the other two, and connect them to the bottom center connection.

It will be a total of 2 separate connections on each side, with the 2 in the middle. The start of the 6 total connections. Now we just need to fill in the other possible combinations (a total of 30).
Maniacy6 years ago
Great project. I don't really see the C shapes, could you mark the positions somehow on the schematic or give the numbers of the LEDs with pin to which to solder?