Step 5: Building the Arduino Electronics

Picture of Building the Arduino Electronics
For those of you who are confident with a soldering iron this is a relatively straight forward task.  I have attached a full circuit diagram of the main Arduino electronics.  I basically scratch built my main Arduino board except for keypad LCD shield - you can't beat them on price and quality

You can short circuit the work involved by choosing some excellent Arduino prototyping boards which provides RTC and connectors for probes.  Do check out eBay or other distributors.  The basic digital electronics needs to provide:
  • Ardunio processor board based on either Atmega328P or Atmega168 (£7-£10)
  • Real Time Clock based on the DS1302 or equivalent (£4)
  • Onewire digital thermal DS18B20 temp probe (£4)
  • Keypad Shield 4Bit 1602 LCD Module Display with an ISP header for programming using the Arduino IDE ver1.0 (£5)
  • A couple of pull-up resistors and micro switches for door sensors, IDC connectors and ribbon cable (£2)