Arduino Christmas Lights


Introduction: Arduino Christmas Lights

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a Christmas light controller i made with my dad
arduino programed
instructable and code coming soon



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    4 years ago

    ? :(

    I am very very interested in the code for this display can u make it available please thanks in advance

    Agreed, I am very interested in the code for this.

    um... soon? nice sequence, and song. But I would appreciate an accompanying instructable w/ code.

    Neat. You could do that with almost most any microcontroller with digital outputs or pc with an old fashioned parallel port. I might have added optoisolators for safety though.

    this is wat ive been looking for, id rather program it on arduino then plc :D

    That is too bad but it appears that they just wanted to show off their project which is pretty cool. It would have been very nice if they wanted to actually share this instructable and code. Who knows, maybe they still will.