Here we will show you how to make a clock out of an arduino!

Step 1: Materials

Arduino Genuino UNO

Jumper Wires


Seven Segment Display

Code https://github.com/joonyeechuah/digital_clock/blob...


Step 2: Pins

Connect the following pins using jumper wires to the 7 segment display:

d1- 13

d2 -11

d3 -12

d4 -10

a -9

b -8

c -7

d -6

e -5

f -4

g -3

dp -2



Step 3: Breadboard

Use the mapping of the breadboard to build your own breadboard.


White (wire) (left most) = GND

Blue = 3

Green = 2

Step 4: Code

Step 5: Finishing Up

All you need to do now is add a portable battery, and your'e finished!

how could it work correctly without rtc<br>
<p><a href="https://github.com/DeanIsMe/SevSeg">https://github.com/DeanIsMe/SevSeg</a></p><p>Very nice work. Is this your first Instructable? Arduino based clocks really are high in digabilty. Only suggestion I would make would be to a link to the 7 segment display library in the tutorial. I'm looking forward to your next tutorial and of course the one after that and so on. Thanks for putting this up.</p>

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