Arduino Clock - Seven Segment + RTC DS1307


Introduction: Arduino Clock - Seven Segment + RTC DS1307

I make a digital clock with RTC and arduino with seven segment. i found the schematic from Syst3mX  "Make A Digital Clock From Scratch ".



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    good job mr. my from indonesia

    hi am having problem with code, exit status 1

    'RTC' was not declared in this scope please what is wrong with the code i need help please, what do i have to do

    mas,,ada blog yg bisa di kunjungi tidak,,pemula pengen bljr arduino mas,,mksh

    It looks like you are useing a resistor on the common pins of the segments. The best way is to use resistors for each segment, since that will provide even brightness for all segments, no matter how many are on.

    I need a Schematics....