Picture of Arduino Color Mixer controlled by iPhone
Robot contest 18+

This is the video demonstration of what the final product will look like.  This could also easily be used to control an arduino robot or anything at all that the arduino is running!

if the video won't play here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqgcAuNUyR0

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Step 1: How To Tutorial

Picture of How To Tutorial
Here is the how to!

if the vid doesn't open here is the url http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9etKD2y-Zk

Step 2:

Picture of
Wires coming from ground, 11 pin, 10 pin, and 9 pin

Step 3: Wiring for LEDs

Picture of Wiring for LEDs
This should be pretty simple.
You have the wiring from the arduino for each color connected to the positive side of the led and the grounding wire from the arduino is grounding all of them.  They are running in parallel to each other and in series with a resistor.

Step 4:

Picture of
This is what the final setup will look like.
Are you planning on releasing the codes because I unfortunately haven't begun my processing classes so I am pretty clueless as to what is going on. This is a great instruct able by the way!
any chance you could upload the source code for this?
jebro3914 years ago
Hey buddy, great project! really love it!! I've got the TouchOSC working on my IPOD and the processing sketch up and running, but when I run it, the processing sketch doesn't do anything; it's just 3 empty rectangles. Any thoughts? i've checked and re-checked the code and can't find any errors, and it runs so there's not syntax errors. It's got me stumped. I'm pretty sure I have the oscP5 library added properly or else it wouldn't run. I have the IP address from the console loaded onto the IPOD (the TouchOSC still imports, so I'll assume that's not the issue). So if you have any ideas or thoughts, i'd appreciate the help. I'm gonna hold of on the Arduino-portion of this until I can get the processing sketch figured out. Thanks for the great build! -Joe
zazenergy4 years ago
Wow, this is pretty awesome! I just took a class in Processing a while back, it's great to see applications of it.
hbjackson (author)  zazenergy4 years ago
thanks! This was my first tutorial so if you have any questions or comments on how I could make it better or more clear that'd be great.