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Color sensing applications 'll make a simple application has a lot kullanılmaktadır.Bu project in robotics and automation to detect that which colors the data from the sensor to print it on the LCD screen , as well as RGB LEDs also are what color it colors to side .

Install a simple application circuit on a breadboard want our kullanacağız.uygulama a color sensor developed by adafruit company , it makes no difference if you want to be like us on pertinaks hole .

Materials we use in our projects

Arduino UNO TCS34725 Color Sensor RGB Led I2C LCD Display Servo-motor Do not remove if you notice you receive TCS34725 sensor solderless state gönderilmektedir.içeri from the male header with the soldering you need to come to the back of your parts cable outlet to watch the gerekiyor.lehimlerk otherwise color in studying the shortage of yaşayabilirsiniz.sonra can be a bit challenging.

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