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I think it will be great to communicate with the help of Arduino. In this project I will show how to share data between two or more Arduino with the help of Light :)

Step 1: List of Things ... !!!

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Equipment :

1. Arduino (2x)

2. Bread board

3. L.E.D ( not the diffused one )

4. Infrared L.E.D Pair (IR LED(Tx) + Photo Diode(Rx))

5. LASER diode (optional)

6. Optical fiber (optional)

7. Jumper wires

8. Resistor (220 ohm , 330 ohm, 1 K ohm )


1. Multimeter

2. Wire stripper

Step 2: Schematic

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This is how the will be done.

*if no data is received then try by reversing the photo diode's (Rx LED) leg.

Step 3: Types of Transmitter :

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different types of transmitter can be used for the transmission of data :


2. IR or mono coloured L.E.D

3. LED with Optical fiber ( for long transmission )

Step 4: Source :

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I didn't have those photo diodes so I de-soldered them from Ir proximity sensor :D

Step 5: Programming

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# First program one Arduino with the transmitter code ( with your message )

Then program the other one with receiver code.
Now, open the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE by connecting the Receiver Arduino to the PC ( select the port of Receiver Arduino on the IDE)

ITS DONE !!! :)


225 awesome5 (author)2017-12-05

The transmitter is working fine but can't get the receiver to work. Is the 1Kohm resistor not too small? I'll maybe check tomorrow with the oscilloscope but it's not showing any received data or noise on the serial monitor.

lastreezy (author)2015-11-19

Hi, look i am working on V2V communication and i want to get the accelaration, speed from a vehicule's CAN-Bus, any idea?

Kaustav Nandy (author)lastreezy2015-11-21

yes for v2v you can use this kind of communication with help of light but i think using Radio frequency will be a better option !!

lastreezy (author)Kaustav Nandy2015-11-23

I have used radio and i am aware of it, i am now looking to implement it with light, by the way have done it in small cars (toys) but now i want to implement it in real cars, that's why i was asking!

tomatoskins (author)2015-10-30

This is really cool! I'd love to see what the SoftwareSerial object does.

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