Introduction: Arduino Components Tester

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Hello friends...!

You can make your own COMPONENT TESTER.

It can test....




Every type of transistors(BJTs,MOSFETs,IGBTs..etc...)

And many things

It not just a component tester,but also it is a PWM generator........

Step 1: Components You Need.

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Arduino nano - 1

16*2 LCD - 1

9v Battery - 1

9v Battery cap - 1


Resistors ---

680R - 3

470K - 3

1K - 1

variable resistor 10K - 1

some wires

push switch - 1

on/off switch - 1


soldering station or soldering iron,cutter etc...

Step 2: Diagram of Tester

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R1 - 470K

R2 - 680R

R3 - 470K

R4 - 680R

R5 - 470K

R6 - 680R

R7 - 1K

RV1 - 10K

C1 - 100nF

Step 3: Connect Everything As Per Circuit Diagram

Picture of Connect Everything As Per Circuit Diagram

Codes you have to need is here

Step 4: Case for It

Picture of Case for It

here i make case using PCBs

cut the pcb in size of main circuit

and cut some part of top pcb for LCD.

Assemble case using silver-copper wire...

simple.... ; )

Step 5: Some Test

Picture of Some Test

Now it ready to be use.

Some tests you can show

Just connect the component to the probe and push the button.

If you want to use PWM function just long press the push button.

It's done.................


jolealca (author)2017-10-20

In your diagram the switch is connected with A3 and GND, which change should i
do ?

Chauhan Vivek R (author)jolealca2017-10-20

NOW I upload new diagram.

jolealca (author)Chauhan Vivek R2017-10-20

I'm sorry Chauhan but your new diagram does not include any change

Chauhan Vivek R (author)jolealca2017-10-20

I changed it
I make some changes to the push button side.

jolealca made it! (author)2017-10-19

But it does not work, you must be a problem with the reset push button

Chauhan Vivek R (author)jolealca2017-10-19

I uploaded new codes try it. It will be works.

jolealca made it! (author)Chauhan Vivek R2017-10-20

Still the same problem when I press the push button turns off i think that
there should be an error in the connection of the pins of the push button please
review the diagram

jolealca (author)Chauhan Vivek R2017-10-20

Hello Chauhan Thank you for your help Today I will tray the new code But please review the diagram i think the pins of the push button have some errors

Chauhan Vivek R (author)jolealca2017-10-20

I will upload new circuit diagram.

Chauhan Vivek R (author)jolealca2017-10-20

Yes friend you are right.
Remove switch form 5v source to Arduino pin A3.

jolealca made it! (author)2017-10-19

But it does not work, you must be a problem with the reset push button

jolealca (author)2017-10-17

Hello Chauhan

U R G E N T I need your help

i did your project Arduino
Components Tester with Arduino One and it work but only comes out on the LCD screen
your name.

Does it Works with arduino one ?

Sorry for my english

Chauhan Vivek R (author)jolealca2017-10-18

It works very well in Arduino uno

jolealca (author)Chauhan Vivek R2017-10-18

It work but only comes out your name on the LCD screen

Chauhan Vivek R (author)jolealca2017-10-18

After connecting any components you should press the push button.

Chauhan Vivek R (author)jolealca2017-10-18

Did you use Arduino uno ?

jolealca (author)Chauhan Vivek R2017-10-18

Thank for your answer

Yes, but not working well.

I already bought an Arduino Nano and i'll try it today

Chauhan Vivek R (author)jolealca2017-10-18

Can you tell me what kind of problems you are facing?

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