Hi guys,
In this project we will control a DC motor with a smartphone via bluetooth. This project is great to learn more about:
-DC motor
-Interfacing Arduino with your smartphone
-Bluetooth module

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Check this video to see it working

Step 1: Parts required

1x Arduino Uno
1x Bluetooth Module (for example: HC-05)
1x Smartphone (any Android will work)
BlueTerm application
1x L293D IC
1x DC motor
1x Breadboard
Jumper Cables
<p>i cant connect to bluetooth !!why ?</p><p>its pair with the smart phone but no match !!</p>
<p>The code and circuit I have run perfectly when connected up to my laptop or any computer. But when connected to an external power supply its not working</p>
What is the power source for the motor...??? I mean don't we need a battery or something to power up the circuit???
How should I connect more than one motors
<p>I did my project with out the transistors and it worked fine, you will want to just directly wire two pins per motor, with one on high and the other on low, i can get you a code ill put in the comments tomorrow</p>
Im doing a school project and I want to do this with a third motor, and relays and lights. I am using the relays to give it 9.6v instead of 5v how would I change the code to help me set it up using the blueterm app
hello sir.... how can i control spees without using an arudino uno r3??<br>can i use anything other which &ccedil;an be manufactured by ourselves insted of this arduino?
Why sometime i get error while connecting to bluetooth deivce ??<br>
<p>can someone help? Im a newbie in arduino . i want to make the same concept in your project but i want to use servo motor . what will i change in this project? </p>
How many dc motors can i control with it?
2 motors
<p>thx a lot bro, this is mine: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeP0aTYB5qU" rel="nofollow">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeP0aTYB5qU</a></p>
hey after instaliing blueterm app. do we need to do anythng in that app.. means for setting commands n all.. plz reply fast...
<p>i had burn code in Arduino board <br>everything is done from my side<br>stilling confusing how to use it with application<br>data is not fetching</p>
You don't need to configure anything... I think, but you can change if you like... for a better display. take a look at all the setting and change the way you prefer. <br>Sorry for taking so long to answer I've only saw you question today. <br> <br>
<p>i made this <br>i check everything twice <br>sometimes getting error from blueterm application &quot;device connection was lost&quot;<br>motor not work and I'm not getting any response from device</p>
<p>Looks good work i like it .</p>
<p>i made it..but the ic gets hotter. what is the reason..and can i control two motors with it.?</p>
<p>pls send the complete working code.</p>
<p>ur ic is heated because of the high current u r drawing through the motor.... maybe instead of l293d , u should go for l298. and yes u can control two motors from a single l293d or l298. </p>
<p>Get it up front that you are charging $20 for this book and you will get a few more takeups . I for one won't be .</p>
<p>I Made it!!!!</p>
<p>dc motor is unable to get power supply sir?</p><p>any suggetions?</p>
Hey dear what is the range of bluetooth modulo?<br>How far can i operate motor?
<p>Hey this is very useful, I will use the same one with much bigger DC motor. </p><p>Do you think L293D will burn because of the more current?</p>
<p>hi i need to control 4 dc geared motor using bluetooth how can i do that ?</p>
<p>Hello sir; I have a question concerning the video which allows to command(order) an engine has direct current and I shall want to know what is that I few to put a servomotor instead of the engine has direct current and is that I little to command(order) several engine in liver? And thank you in advanc</p>
<p>Hi, i have a question and i hope you guys can help me with this. how does the arduino actually know actually know which data it is going to send or receive? in which part of the code does it do that? i want to make two arduinos one having a HC05 as a master sending data over to a HC06 slave on two different laptops. I hope you can answer me.</p>
<p>Well in the given program, after the loop</p><p>there are if, else if, else if statements. In those it is clearly mentioned the below things</p><p>input = 0, then both input pins ( 2 &amp; 7 ) should be LOW</p><p>input = 1, then 2 should be LOW &amp; 7 should be HIGH</p><p>input = 2, then 2 should be HIGH &amp; 7 should be LOW<br><br>I hope you got it !!</p>
<p>Can you send me thesis nd ppt of this perticular mini project. plz sir I am herbly request you send me this project related suff on my email. I am not able to make thesis of this project. pratikmankar1802@gmail.com this is my id plz send me</p>
<p>can i use L298 in motor driver shield instead of teh single chip L293</p>
working wonderful <br>
<p>Could it be done with pic18f4550?</p>
although i connected everything correctly n uploaded the code, it doesn't work is anything wrong wid the app or i m missing something?
<p>I'm new in all these so I had a question, what is the purpose of the variable &quot;flag&quot;?</p>
<p>Sir Rui Santos, I have a question. May I know if it is possible to get sensor value and command an Arduino (e.g. motors using L293D) at the same time? If yes, i hope you'll give me some ref, Thanks.</p>
<p>Sir Rui Santos, I have a question. May I know if it is possible to get sensor value and command an Arduino (e.g. motors using L293D) at the same time? If yes, i hope you'll give me some ref, Thanks.</p>
<p>Sir Rui Santos, I have a question. May I know if it is possible to get sensor value and command an Arduino (e.g. motors using L293D) at the same time? If yes, i hope you'll give me some ref, Thanks.</p>
<p>Hi</p><p>Thanks for your tutorial. I am trying to contrrol arduino by android. I have done coding for arduino but I want to make prosecc when its is pushed android on button so can you sahere ardoino source code.</p>
<p>Is it available to use by I-phone?</p><p>I don't have any Android device.</p><p>Also, can you recommend a bluetooth control App?</p>
<p>can I use any kind of bluetooth module?</p>
<p>can I use any kind of bluetooth module?</p>
<p>i had to change by tx,rx becoz it was not working,</p>
<p>How could I modify the code to add in voice commands and connect a bluetooth headset to verbally command arduino/bluetooth module?</p>
<p>there is no need to modiy ur code ,just use a voice enabled blueetooth app from playstore. </p>

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