Picture of Arduino ControlWare-Perform Tasks without reprogramming the Arduino
Hi Guys!
I have made a small GUI with which you can control arduino and perform tasks like analogReads,Digital Outputs etc..and several other tasks too. I made this with an idea to debug Circuits using Arduino. It helps a lot when you need to just study the behavior of a digital device..or sniff through the wiring of the circuit.
You can measure the AnalogValues on the analog Pins too..So,In case you want to check High/Low so, you will get the value as 0 (nearly) for LOW and 1023 for HIGH. similarly..you can measure the analog response of any other nature also..provided the 'Measured'  qty stays less than +5V !
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You do need .NET Framework to run the controlWare.You can download it from: Here!

Step 1: Prepare the Arduino

Picture of Prepare the Arduino
Nothing much to do..just burn/upload the following sketch. You can download the same from my skydrive:

Now just go ahead and download the same..and upload to the Arduino!

indiantinker (author) 2 years ago
Thanks! You do need .NET for it..i will add it in the instructable !

tcvella2 years ago
To run ControlWare, it required the .NET framework 4.0.
This is a download link for those who didn't have.