Introduction: Arduino Controlled Bluetooth

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We using App Invertor for build apk. this apk can control your microcontroller / arduino, using bluetooth and your phone. in this tutorial just sharing how to build apk. next how to programing arduino and make robot.

Step 1: Frist Step

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Open new Project in APP Inventor

Step 2: List Picker

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Step two, Build list picker for choose to connect bluetooth, just drop and drag from user interface like pic. 2.1

Step 3: Add Label.

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Add label for status connected or not

Step 4: Add Table Arrangment

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this tabel used for botton

Step 5: Button

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Add button for forward, bacward, left, right and Stop.

Step 6: Add Label

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add label Text for the current active button

Step 7: Insert Picture

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in this step i insert logo UMB.

Step 8: Insert Bluetooth Client & Clock

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Bluetooth client used for acces bluetooth in handphone.

Step 9: Programing

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in this step we will program how to show bluetooth exsisting and conneted.

Step 10: Status Connected

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in this step we used timer for status bluetooth connection

Step 11: Forward

Picture of Forward

we send "Forward" for command forward

Step 12: Completed Your Code

Picture of Completed Your Code

the last step completed your code like as picture

Step 13: The Finally

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and you can save your app program in your computer or your HP using internet.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-07-04

Nice system design. Do you have any pictures of something that you built with this?

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