Picture of Arduino Controlled RGB LED Dot Matrix Board
This project is a relatively straightforward and simple DIY music board.
The Dot Matrix Board will allow any aged person to create their own music and beats.
All you need to have is an understanding of Arduino and circuitry.

Step 1: Gather Parts Needed

Here is a general parts list that is required:

1. 12" X 24" Plywood board
2. 12" X 24" X 1/16" Plexiglass sheet of plastic
3. 12" X 96" Sheet of aluminum foil
4.  6 Different colored wire, including braided and non-braided
5. 18 Common Anode RGB LED's
6. 18 3" X 3" sheets of 1/4" foam
7. 2 Arduino Uno boards
8. 4 TLC5940 Microcontroller chips
9. 1 Blank PCB
10. 6 10+KΩ resistors
11. 4 8.2 KΩ

TomK322 months ago

You might want to update that F3V8ANPHJ607M4G.LARGE.jpg and wire the OUT0 and OUT15 properly. A bit easy to miss.

Excellent instructable otherwise and a great help for my own project.

Veda881 year ago

You made me search the whole internet for a TLC4940 chip which looks like does not exist. Please fix the typo to TLC5940 :)