Arduino Controlled Line Following Robot





Introduction: Arduino Controlled Line Following Robot

This is a line following robot I have made using an Arduino (DFRduino), Ardumoto shield, 6 x AA batteries, 4 x amber LEDs, 3 x LDRs and some black electrical tape stuck to my (dirty) kitchen floor.



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code please, send me to

i need the code pls send it along with the schematic at

so I built your robot out of your book but I still cant get it to work. I ran the test program you wrote and it worked, but after building the line following robot one side of my wheels wouldn't work. so I tested it again and it worked, so there is something in the program that wasn't working and I cant figure it out. I went over the whole program to see if it was the same and still had issues. thought it was power but found out it wasn't. I cant figure it out can you help? my email is if you can help that would be great, and great book I have learned a lot in it.

wheres the work,video or pictures?

hi sir

i need help. please do help on the circuit part and code, could you give some schematics that you used and how to write code for that.

thank you very much in advanced. you can mail any toturials or anything.

hello sir,
i want to make my own line follower bot using arduino ...but i don't where to start ..any tutorial n schematic , provided frm u vil b of grt help so that i may start working for my own bot .
my email ID
thank you

i'm interestd in making line follower using ardiuno.....
you can mail me on :
if u can mail any tutorials or something..
thank you