This was my capstone project for the ITT Electronics program. it is an obstacle avoiding "bot" that was put together in one affternoon before class.

Step 1: Parts

The parts used for this  included the RC car , Arduino micro controller, diodes and a Ping ultrasonic sensor.
<p>Can you, pleas send me schematic diagrams and the codes that you used? dominiklasic98@gmail.com Thanks :)</p>
This looks like a very nice project to do with my little cousin. I was wondering, would it be possible for me to get the schematic diagram and the codes that was used as well as the parts that i would need pls. This is my email address (superRichard240@gmail.com ) hope to hear from u soon.
I was looking for something like this the other day! I am currently working on my own car using 3D printed parts, and your code will save me tons of time.
<p>how do you wire the ardino, why are you showing us when we still don't know how to make it</p>
<p>Tools for this project:</p><p>http://www.ielectronicparts.com/product-category/tools/</p>
<p>I have that rc car.</p>
Right now im making a car from scratch wish me luck
Try searching Jameco or Digikey websites I am sure you will find one at either of these.Good luck and have fun with it.
is any body there? who tell me about this project that where can i get this?
Sorry there is no kit for this particular experiment. The electronic parts were from JAMECO, as for the car I found this one at a local department store. I am sure that a kit could be found that does the same thing at any of the electronics supply website. I was not allowed to use a kit for this since it was a project for class.
<em><strong>is any site of online purchase this project plz tell me hurry... my mailing ID is shamsghnaghro@gmail.com plz contact with me.</strong></em>
that is a good project you have done there i have also done similar on please take a look <br> <br>i have interfaced Arduino Mega with RC car receiver and have mounted three ultrasonic sensor for detection of obstetrical. <br> <br> <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmttEcF7QV0&amp;feature=plcp <br> <br> <br>would be looking forward for your comment i have done quit many modification to this project now on will be post my new video soon
oops sorry i found out that you have a youtube channel for the operation. sorry.
Thanks for this awesome project. I made 2 for myself. This is a very cheap and easy fun product to make but, we would all like a video of it in operation. you dont have to but people would follow you and vote for you! <br> <br>see you later

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