Being a college student, you can become pretty lazy.  This was the motivation behind my project for making a new remote for my TV that could be controlled from my phone, computer, or my voice.

I started this project my freshman year in college, before I even really knew what an Arduino was, and now I see it as a super simple project that anybody with an Arduino and a computer can do.

Step 1: Materials

-Regular IR remote control that works on your device
-IR receiver
-IR LED 940nm
-any Arduino
-some jumper wires
-Visual Studio(optional)
-Bluetooth SPP app for Android(optional)
I liked it very much. Thank you. But it would fantastic of someone could program it for Android (with speak recognition). I would do it by myself, but my p-skills are not good enough. Sorry. I would appreciate this. Thanks.
That would be awesome if somebody could do that. I am still working on my Android skills and if I get around to making one I will be sure to put in an update and share it with everyone.
I need ur help after recieving ir signal i dont know how to encode it to sender program and from above website i also didnt understand how to read the output of serial monitor..plz help
<p>hi.. Can you control the remote control using your voice with an arduino?</p>
<p>You could if you used a voice recognition shield from SparkFun, https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12656, or if you have the Arduino attached to a computer then you could create a VB application that could use Windows speech recognition to send serial commands to the Arduino.</p>

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