Picture of Arduino Controlled/Voice TV Remote
Being a college student, you can become pretty lazy.  This was the motivation behind my project for making a new remote for my TV that could be controlled from my phone, computer, or my voice.

I started this project my freshman year in college, before I even really knew what an Arduino was, and now I see it as a super simple project that anybody with an Arduino and a computer can do.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
-Regular IR remote control that works on your device
-IR receiver
-IR LED 940nm
-any Arduino
-some jumper wires
-Visual Studio(optional)
-Bluetooth SPP app for Android(optional)
subduck2 years ago
I liked it very much. Thank you. But it would fantastic of someone could program it for Android (with speak recognition). I would do it by myself, but my p-skills are not good enough. Sorry. I would appreciate this. Thanks.
jordantallent (author)  subduck2 years ago
That would be awesome if somebody could do that. I am still working on my Android skills and if I get around to making one I will be sure to put in an update and share it with everyone.
steixeira11 year ago

hi.. Can you control the remote control using your voice with an arduino?

jordantallent (author)  steixeira11 year ago

You could if you used a voice recognition shield from SparkFun, https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12656, or if you have the Arduino attached to a computer then you could create a VB application that could use Windows speech recognition to send serial commands to the Arduino.