This device captures the IP address of your network and it publish on site DynDNS.com. All without PC. It allow a remote access to your LAN even if the IP address of the connections changes.
For logistics reasons the provider can not assign a IP fixed for all users, so many users, especially private, work with a dynamic IP or public IP: in practice when they connect modem or router, to their connection is assigned an IP address that, when the connection will’be closed, can be used by other users. This makes impossible to contact a remote computer or device connected to a LAN Internet.

Step 1: Schematics

Our device is essentially a publisher of IP address. Everything is made from a circuit that incorporates an Ethernet interface WIZnet WIZ811MJ, managed by an Atmega328 microcontroller programmed with the Arduino bootloader, so it all works like an Arduino and you can use the Arduino IDE. The Atmega I/O PB2, PB3, PB4 and PB5 are dedicated to dialogue with the Ethernet module and provide a full four-wire SPI bus. The microcontroller is programmed using the special interface TTL / USB from SparkFun.

R1, R2: 470 ohm
R3: 10 kohm
C1: 100 nF
C2: 470 μF 25 VL
C3: 100 nF
C4: 470 μF 16 VL
U2: ATMEGA328P (with Arduino bootloader)
U3: LD1086V33
P1: Microswitch
LD1: LED 3 mm yellow
LD2: LED 3 mm red
D1: 1N4007
power jack
Dip socket 14+14
Break away headers male 6 via
Break away headers female 2x10 via (2 pz)
<p>Dyndns isn't free no more...</p>
Hello looks like a great project any chance of updated version of the code?
Quick question, what program are you using for your electronic schematic and pcb layout? is it eagle?
Hi, I used Circad for the schematic and Easy PC (NumberOne) for the PCB.<br>
Hi Ideanator, I'm sorry, I will increase the documentation today. I don't want do spam, but the circuit is very simple.
This ible has promise I just don't see it yet, it also is a borderline spam. If you put full build instructions down and demonstrated how to get it working and use the thing instead of posting schematics, board art, and a short blurb about it and your site, you could have an awesome post AND get lots more traffic to your site (way more than this ible would get you in its current state). Hope that helps!

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