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Today we are going to learn how to use this analog voltmeter with Arduino and make it show the temperature instead of the voltage. As you can see, in this modified voltmeter, we can see the temperature in degrees Celsius. The temperature is measured by this digital sensor, a DS18B20 and it is then displayed on the voltmeter. I really like analog dials like this one, because they give a vintage look to the projects.

By building this project you are going to gain a very valuable knowledge and expererience. The knowledge to add analog dials to any Arduino project and you are going to learn how to use the PWM functionality of the Arduino.

Let’s now see how to achieve that result.

Step 1: Get All the Parts

The parts that we are going to need today are the following:

The cost of the project is around $9.

<p>Hi, Thanks for sharing this Instructable. I am pretty new to Arduino. Is there a way to get this to display temp in degrees F??</p>
<p>Hi !</p><p>No need to change the code, you have just to switch the value on the panel meter face from &deg;C to &deg;F. (&deg;F = &deg;C x 1,8 +32)</p><p>Or use a online converter.</p>
<p>Thanks for the reply. I am going to try this project out.</p>
<p>Excellent project. Thanks for sharing.</p><p>Have a look at MeterBasic. This little program will help you to create a new faceplate for the meter in a couple of minutes.</p><p>http://www.tonnesoftware.com/meterbasicdownload.html</p>
<p> Hi educ8s, </p><p>This is a nice build and I really enjoy the look of these old fashioned displays. However, from a technical perspective, while your display appears to look like an analog signal, it is still a digital signal that you display on it. Which means that you have a specific amount of temperature steps that you are showing and not a true analog sliding display. In my eyes the looks of your build are much nicer than a 7-segment display so I might use the same strategy you are using in some of my future builds. Thanks for posting.</p>

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