This is my second instructable. I just had a mood of making a digital watch. But wanted to make it a learning process. I already had a sanguino i could have easily used that Atmega644 chip. it would have been more than enough.  But i wanted to try burning a Arduinobootloader and see if i could make it work. Well i did. I used a Atmega168 for this project
           I used 4 seven segment displays to display time in 24hr format. Here ii experimented with common anode and common cathode. Now i wanted to use other chips too and not just the Arduino which would have been the easier option. The chips i experimented with are 74LS47, 74HC154, 74HC595 ,4511 and  74HC139. The final compatible combination was common cathode with 4511 and 74HC139.
           I used a RTC chip DS1307  to feed the time to the Arduino. I initially wanted to use millis() function in Arduino but it is not that accurate. Using RTC not only saved long coding but also has an added advantage of keeping the time in case the external supply is cutoff. It uses a 3v battery to do this.
          Now I have used LEDs to point the time as minute and hour hands would do in an anolog clock. 60 Bi-coloured LEDs total which work on Charlieplexing.
          Well if you are interested onwards you go.

Step 1: Parts List

Atmega168 (Duemilanove) + Holder
74HC139N + Holder (Dual 2-to-4 line decoder/demultiplexer)
DS1307+ Holder (DS1307 64 x 8, Serial, I C Real-Time Clock)
Standby Arduino board to Burn bootloader in Atmega168
(optional if Already hav a chip with Arduino bootloader in it)
Breakout board + USB wire 
Common Anode 7 segment display (4)

16Mhz crystal
32.768 Khz watch crystal
9v battery + Plug
3v coin cell +Holder
Push button switch
(Reset Arduino)
22pf ceramic capacitor (2)
100nf ceramic capacitor (3)
100uf electrolytic capacitor (2)

2.2 Kohms resistor (2)
10 Kohms resistor 
5mm Bicolour LED (60)
(There are different types see further for more information)
Male headers
Two Jumpers

Connecting wire
Soldering iron 

2mm thick Plexiglass
Glass paint kit
Aluminium foil
3/4th inch Nut and Bolt
Hook to hang by a nail
(I made one fron plexiglass pieces)
PCB drill
Glue gun

<p>no upload because like a picture</p>
Arduino boards can be purchased pre-assembled or do-it-yourself kits. Hardware design information is available for those who would like to assemble an Arduino by hand. I guess these concept displays on this article are the ideas of some of their consumers which they able to develop uniquely and have that original taste&hellip; <br> <a href="http://www.magnumclock.com/" rel="nofollow">MagnumClock.com</a> <br>
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thank u :)... i wil try to make face-plate also...can u post ur mail id
hi, <br> I have designed similar arduino Digital clock.
Gud job bro!! Now design an nice face-plate for it.
hi <br> there is no code in clock_v2.pde. can u share it
Thanks for pointing it out. I have replaced the Arduino_code.rar file.
hi, ur project s really suprb...good work .....can u post the PCB design in eagle software or else in pdf format
Thanks. But i m sorry to say that i don't have experience in eagle. I created the PCB in Expresspcb and used the toner transfer method. it was quick this way. The concentric tracks were handmade. <br>I wanted to practice using eagle. I will try and make this circuit in eagle. We both get what we want this way. But this will take considerable time as I am working on something else right now. As soon i complete it in eagle i will post it.
This is amazing craftsmanship. I love your charlieplexing traces. Well done. I'm building an arduino based clock and I hope mine comes out as nice as yours.
Thank you. Those traces took a lot of patience. They whole project turned out better than i expected. I will await your Arduino clock instructable..
Can you share your RTClib.h? I can't compile PDE.
I have used RTC module as it is from the site I have linked in step 5. You can download the RTC.lib from the Arduino library tab on the left on that site. Follow the steps mentioned there. They also have a sub link for tutorials on installing Arduino libraries. It is explained beautifully there. <br>Thank you for commenting. <br>I would love to see your final product. If possible post a pic in the comments section.
I like the avatar element symbols.
I would have like to make more justice to them. They are not that well made. This was my first time glass painting.
Love the LEDs and how colorful it is. Very nice! :D
Thank you. :)

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