Ok, so for my first instructable I thought to share something I've just made today.
It's a logger for anything really that consist's of something being on or off ( in the door case, open / closed ).
For this to be applied to a door, the push-button has to be replaced to something like an hall effect sensor ( which I don't have thus the button).

All'right, what i've used:
- Arduino UNO
- DS1307 Real Time Clock
- SD shield ( from this instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-DIY-SD-Card-Logging-Shield )
- 1 led
- 1 push-button
- 220 ohm resistor , 10k resistor and hook-up wire

Step 1: Connecting the parts

SD card pins:
** MOSI  - pin D11 
** MISO  - pin D12
** SCK   - pin D13
** CS    - pin D4 
+ GND, 5v, 3.3v

RTC pins:
** SDA  - A4
** SCL  - A5
** GND - GND
** VCC  - 5V

Button + led pins:
** Led's - to 220ohm resistor to GND
** Led's + to D3
** Connect the button to 5V and D2  
** Connect 10k resistor from D2 to GND
<p>I'm a complete noob when it comes to arduino, so this really helped me out. Thanks! I made some modifications based on my particular use, such as omitting the LED, and changing some of the output text, but it works beautifully with the code provided. Essentially, I'm prototyping a data logger for use in my weld shop. When a weld fixture is loaded, it will actuate a spring pin that will hold down a button. When unloaded, the button will be released. This will give me the exact time that it takes for an assembly to be completed. The only other thing I'd like to do is have it log duration instead of a timestamp, but it's usable as-is so I'll igure out how to do it at some point. Once I get this off of the breadboard and solder up a working model, it should work great! Probably will make 10-15 more to cover the whole shop! Thanks again!</p>

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