Arduino - Door event logger

Ok, so for my first instructable I thought to share something I've just made today.
It's a logger for anything really that consist's of something being on or off ( in the door case, open / closed ).
For this to be applied to a door, the push-button has to be replaced to something like an hall effect sensor ( which I don't have thus the button).

All'right, what i've used:
- Arduino UNO
- DS1307 Real Time Clock
- SD shield ( from this instructable: )
- 1 led
- 1 push-button
- 220 ohm resistor , 10k resistor and hook-up wire

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Step 1: Connecting the parts

Picture of Connecting the parts
SD card pins:
** MOSI  - pin D11 
** MISO  - pin D12
** SCK   - pin D13
** CS    - pin D4 
+ GND, 5v, 3.3v

RTC pins:
** SDA  - A4
** SCL  - A5
** GND - GND
** VCC  - 5V

Button + led pins:
** Led's - to 220ohm resistor to GND
** Led's + to D3
** Connect the button to 5V and D2  
** Connect 10k resistor from D2 to GND

Step 2: The code

As for the sketch, download it below.
External library used: adafruit's ds1307 lib ( )

Now, to explain a few things:

* ok - it stop's the loop if the sd card was not initialized correctly
* first - it log's the first state, and then wait for the state to change before logging it again

* time() - get the time from RTC and convert it to a string
* SDwrite(int state) - write's on the SD card the time and a message depending on the state it receive's (1 or 0)
* call(int buttonState) - it's used to turn off/on the led and trigger the SDwrite() function

Feel free to contact me for any additional information.

That's it for my first instructable, I'm waiting for feedback.


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