This is a tutorial for creating an Arduino Drawbot. This design is based off of a design by biomech75 and if you would like to see what he used for his project you can check it out at this link below.

Arduino Drawbot by biomech75


List of Materials

- 1 Block of wood, preferred size : 2 inches x 7 inches, thickness anything less than 1 inch

- 2 Continuous Rotation Servos (https://www.adafruit.com/products/154)

- 1 Bedboard and Arduino Uno

- 1 pen or marker (any color)

- 2 wheels (I personally used 2 spray can caps and covered them in rubber bands)

- Rubber bands

- 9v Alkaline Battery

- 9v Battery Clip for Arduino (https://www.adafruit.com/product/80)

- Many Wires for connecting servos, power, ground, etc.

Step 1: Getting Your Wooden Board

First you will need to cut a piece of would in the shape pictured above. The length of the board is entirely up to you as well as the width and thickness. Above are two examples of boards I cut out which both worked fine. The only necessities when cutting the board are to make a hole near the top for a marker to fit and for the board to be able to support an Arduino and well as a breadboard.

Dimensions For My Board:

- 2 inch width

- 8 inches from base to tip

- less than 1 inch in thickness

<p>Why did you use servos and no normal motors?</p><p>I'm looking forward to create a drawbot myself.</p><p>I would like to be able to draw letters.</p><p>Can yours be programmed to write letters?</p>
He used servos to program the drawbot. By using dc motors you can not run it in desired direction. Yeah you can draw letters by changing the &quot;delay&quot; in the code to your required period.......

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