Step 13: Troubleshooting

Picture of Troubleshooting
1. The marker is loose and the hole is too big.
A. Put some tape arround the marker to make it fit. 
2. What else can I use as wheels?
A. There is a lot of stuff to use an example is tupperware tops or lids.
3. The servos wont move.
A. Make sure all the connections are not loose double check them.
A. Also make sure the 9V batterty is new this servos will drain all its power.
4. When connected to the power I have check all connections still servos wont move.
A. Double check that you upload the code to the Arduino, and when connected to the power you don't see servos move a little
     it means that there is no code running in the Arduino.
          When the power is connected if you dont see any light on the Arduino that means the battery does not have any power.

Any help needed let me know I will be glad to help all of you.