Step 7: Step 6 (First Connection)

The following connection is to provide power to the servos.
Notice that I have use a 12 pin connector to connect the servosto the breadboard.
I'm in physics and am trying to remake this project! I'm confused about what the orange and yellow wires in the breadboard are and if they have to be specific types of wires?
<p>not really they are just proto wires for breadboards</p>
<p>can we make it with arduino nano 3.0???</p>
<p>yes you can use a NANO for this project as well!!!</p>
<p>can we use dc motors instead of parllax servos with same aurdino code..?</p>
<p>Yes,,, you can ;) !!!</p>
can we draw another objects using same machine but different code
this is such a good idea! could try 4wd + rotating pen. keep up the good work!
<p>The code was from the arduino web site</p>
<p>Great, thanks!</p>
very interesting and amazing. Can't we develop this project with a 3D scanner. It means first scan the image and draw it. I think you have a idea. I am waiting from your response.God Bless and Grate day.
<p>umm!!! interesting I will try something like that</p>
where did you get the code from?
You are very right JoshuaZimmerman
Or you could just buy a really small 9V to 2.1mm plug connector. Simple and easy to use. <br> <br>http://www.browndoggadgets.com/store/batteries/9v-to-2-1mm-dc-jack/ <br> <br>You can also find connectors with built in switches and hard cases.
How do you go about plugging a nine volt into the arduino? Which ports do I use?
1. You need this connector for the battery look at the link for a clear picture <br>http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062218 <br>2. And this picture will help you see the connector to provide power to the arduino. <br>3. And here is were you connect the 9V battery to the Arduino. <br>

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