Step 7: Step 6 (First Connection)

The following connection is to provide power to the servos.
Notice that I have use a 12 pin connector to connect the servosto the breadboard.
<p>can we use dc motors instead of parllax servos with same aurdino code..?</p>
<p>Yes,,, you can ;) !!!</p>
can we draw another objects using same machine but different code
this is such a good idea! could try 4wd + rotating pen. keep up the good work!
<p>The code was from the arduino web site</p>
<p>Great, thanks!</p>
very interesting and amazing. Can't we develop this project with a 3D scanner. It means first scan the image and draw it. I think you have a idea. I am waiting from your response.God Bless and Grate day.
<p>umm!!! interesting I will try something like that</p>
where did you get the code from?
You are very right JoshuaZimmerman
Or you could just buy a really small 9V to 2.1mm plug connector. Simple and easy to use. <br> <br>http://www.browndoggadgets.com/store/batteries/9v-to-2-1mm-dc-jack/ <br> <br>You can also find connectors with built in switches and hard cases.
How do you go about plugging a nine volt into the arduino? Which ports do I use?
1. You need this connector for the battery look at the link for a clear picture <br>http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062218 <br>2. And this picture will help you see the connector to provide power to the arduino. <br>3. And here is were you connect the 9V battery to the Arduino. <br>

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