Arduino Dual Controlled RC Car (Bluetooth and WiFi)





Introduction: Arduino Dual Controlled RC Car (Bluetooth and WiFi)

This project will combine software and hardware using an Android app and Arduino module.

Things you will need to complete this project:

1. Any old, second hand or junk RC Car

2. Arduino nano

3. HC-05 / HC-06 Bluetooth module

4. ESP8266 WiFi module

5. L928N H-Bridge Motor Driver

6. 3.3V Regulator

7. Servo Motor for turning the wheel

8. FTDI232 USB to TTL Serial Converter Adapter Module 3.3V 5V FT232RL

Step 1: Flashing Esp8266

Download all the necessary files for flashing the esp8266 module here:

And follow the steps from this instructables.

Step 2: The Connection

To put all the modules in RC car, I've cleaned the chassis to make room for the electronic devices.

You can now follow the connection from the image. Then download this app to control the RC car:

Arduino code is available on the app.

To see how this actually works:

Thanks and enjoy!.

Step 3:



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    hi josapedm

    could you please leave the full Arduino code here?

    or it will be wonderful if you could email it to me.

    i wasn't able to copy the arduino code from the mobile app and I wasn't able to extract it at all.


    Sure. I'll paste it here. I can also send it to you if you want. Just give me ur email so I can give u the .ino files, it would be more convenient.

    hey can you send the ino file to me?? please

    Hi, it's in the comment below. Try to look at it.

    Its different from code in your app...
    And you have video can make it easier in flashing esp8266 or sugestion video from youtube may be..

    What exactly you need? The ino file or how to flash esp8266?

    You can give me your email by the way if you need the ino sketch.

    Both of them ..

    thanks a lot

    could you please just paste it here.

    I really thank you

    Sir you can send arduino full code this app