Step 4: Light it up

Picture of Light it up
LEDs on board.JPG
Time to light up the breadboard with some Leds. There are 7 leds in all but their leads (+/-) need to be put into different ports in the breadboard. The way to do this on a breadboard is to have 3 Leds with their positive leads going into holes that are side by side, 1 led that needs to have the "positive" leads long enough to skip one hole in the breadboard, and 3 that skip 2 holes in between leads. Check the pictures, it's not nearly as hard as it seems.

After bending the Leds to the correct sizes place the Leds on the breadboard as it is shown below. NOTICE: the cathode(-) ends are going into columns without resistors and the anodes (+) are going into columns with resistors