So, you want to program a bootloaded AVR. Or possibly, you have an Arduino Lilypad and no way to program it. There are a few solutions available to you: You could buy a USB to FTDI adapter (available at Adafruit, Sparkfun, etc), you could buy a simple FTDI cable, or you could build something. I couldn't afford the "FTDI Friend," so, I decided to build an adapter to use the TX/RX Serial connection from the Arduino. It plugs in to the RX, TX, Reset, 5V, and GND pins on the Arduino and has a 6 pin female header for the FTDI connection. This can most likely be made with electronics supplies you already have.

Step 1: Materials

Not much is needed at all for this. The only materials you need are:
-5 Wires
-6 Pin Female Header
-6 Male Header Pins, broken into sections of 4 and 2
-Electrical Tape 

And the only tools you need are:
-Soldering Iron
-Wire cutters
-Hemostats help a lot with holding the wire in place
-Fine Tip Permanent Marker
<p>&Oacute;timo post!</p><p>pamelhor entendimento: voc&ecirc; apenas usou as entradas do arduino para fazer o FTDI?</p>
Thanks for posting this. I, too, have more parts than money. I'll be making one when I get my workbench cleared off.

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