Picture of Arduino Fingerprint Lock
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There is a short video for this Arduino fingerprint lock here: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjIxNzQyNzY4.html

I live in a small apartment in Shenzhen with my wife and baby, 5 months old.  Sometimes, I need to go out, for example, to go downstairs to buy candy or diapers for my baby. But always I forget to carry my keys, so I need to knock at the door or call my wife to open the door for me, and, always wake up my baby and begins to cry.

At this time, I am so guilty. So i decide to think of a way to fundamentally solve the problem.

A fingerprint lock would be help for me, and there are plenty of these kinds of locks on the market, as the picture above. But it is not only expensive, and, it is also very troublesome to install. I hope to find a cheap way and do need not change my  locks.

After learning Arduino for 2 weeks, I decided to DIY a fingerprint lock, with Arduino.

Step 1: Solution and Module Preparing

Picture of Solution and Module Preparing
First, I observed the door of my house, as the picture above.

As you can see, as long as the red part of the figure pulled in the direction of the arrow, the door can be unlocked, and of cause, when not pulled, the red part go back to it’s original location to lock the door. So I think, a servo would be OK to accomplish this function.

And, i need a fingerprint sensor, too, when i or my wife press the fingerprint sensor, which can determine whether a person is certified, it outputs instructions to the Arduino, to control servo to open the door.

I use the following modules:
1. Crowduino,this is an Arduino compatible microcontroller boards, i use it because it is cheap enough, and has some upgrading on the design, such as the reset button on the side.
2. FingerPrint  Sensor
3. A servo with enough torque.
4. Glue,or anything that can be used to fix these modules
5.  5V USB power supply or 9V DC jack power supply
6. Some jumper wires would be help.

HI help me out..

I am connecting r305 fingerprint module with arduino using adafruit library with esp8266 wifi module..

my problem is when the fingerprint module doesn't get any input it goes to sleep and when i open the serial monitor in arduino ide it wakes up again..

is there a solution or any hint..


Now i'm trying to do Wallet locking by Arduino Uno. Please any one help to do it.

DjokoS13 months ago

I want to try

mohammedinsaf7 months ago

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bsingh211 year ago
Please tell me can I use arduino uno to make this project? Please reply soon.

Yes you can because Crowduino is a clone of Arduino UNO.

dennykaze1 year ago

hi jack, I've read your project and it was cool, and check PM please, thank you

amire_151 year ago

your project is really cool!!!, by the way can I asked for the code on how to interface the fingerprint sensor to an arduino......I really envy your project

mortonc1 year ago
Can this be done with any fingerprint sensor?
valasoft1 year ago
jack i live in shenzhen too,i have QQ: 2407767157 and my WeChat id is : valinia glad to be in contact with you
jack1986 (author)  valasoft1 year ago
hi, i have added you to my QQ friend. please free to contact to me, with any , any thing . :)
Dang it you made it before I got to it! This was literately the next thing on my list to make! Hahaha well good job! Did you enter it for the MicroController Contest?
jack1986 (author)  FoamboardRC1 year ago
Thank you very much for your remind! I have add it to the MicroController contest.
silopolis1 year ago
Superb ! This *duinos are such beasts :-)
dbaum21 year ago
Nice. i wonder if you could make it an eye scanner? Im not electronically inclined. But think how nice it would be if you could walk up arms and hands full, look in a peephole, and the door unlocks and you tap it open with your foot.
dbaum2 dbaum21 year ago
Found an infrared "eye scanner" here.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mini-Camera-Pinhole-Video-Audio-Security-Color-Infrared-1-3-CMOS-Monitor-HE-/141076628111?_trksid=p2054897.l4275. So hardware wise seems like it would be cheap.
dbaum2 dbaum21 year ago
Even better. Just noticed the camera has audio so you could make it an eye scanner with voiceprint id and maybe even set up different words for different actions. Like maybe unlock the door but set off a silent alarm or call the police. I wish i knew how to build it myself. I could make a fortune with it. ok patent pending.
shaunak1 year ago
So glad to see that you are putting a newly learned skill to work solving real-world problems. Well done and very well written!