Hey everyone, this is Alex here! Today I want to share with you mine cooling system for small 10 liters fish tank. I am from Ukraine an this year summer is getting very got sometimes. So at small fish tank temp goes up very fast. I have another project, based on Pelletier elements, but until power supply will be finished I decide to make this simple cooler for my fish.

Step 1: Tools and Parts

If you already have some arduino this means that you have some stuff for soldering.

So in our case you will need:
1. everything for soldering
2. Some wires
3. Power supply (I am using 12v 1000mA dc from old adsl router) 3-5 bucks
4. Arduino (obvious) I am using pro mini, bought on eBay for 5 bucks
5. Relay module for arduino 5 bucks
6. Ds18b20 temperature sensor (grab one on eBay in waterproof housing) 2-3 bucks
7. 4,7k resistor for ds18b20 sensor
8. Pc fan (120mm - is the best choice, because of less sound and more efficiency) 3-5 bucks
9. Plastic case (I used one for electrical commutation)
10. 2 Sushi sticks (fast placement for fan)
11. 4 plastic fasteners Total cost is about $20-25
<p>I would rather take a 555-Monoflop for such a simple task.</p>
Cool...would you please give the complete video, picture of this project or diagram? Thanks :)
<p>Hi, iI am sorry, but it was long time ago and there not too much photos from this period of time. :(</p>
Ohh please help me, I really need the diagram at least :(
78-80 is too much I guess for betta, right now temp is 75,2-77. Thx for comments!
No, 78-80 is perfect for a betta. You will slowly kill him by lowering the temperature!
It looks like you have a betta, they don't like cold water. They are a tropical fish, and will do best at around 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit. You probably should be making a heater. :P
Im sure your fish are much cooler. I need one for my pool!
Im sure your fish are much cooler. I need one for my pool!

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