Built on the basis of Arduino UNO, GPS, SD card,TFT, GPS map navigation system is to obtain the real-time position information via GPS, to send it to UNO for calculation, according to the calculating results, and teamed up with the map file stored in SD card, thus presenting the position on TFT. The GPS system, owing the function to store the current position information, can be applied to running positioning and to record the running tracing.

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<p>Hi, great work and I would like to make one too!</p><p>Unfortunately &quot;maptile.exe&quot; only creates an empty Folder and does not download any map data.</p><p>How can one produce a similar map file??</p>
<p>Don't you need the raster command codes for the display? When I run maptile.exe it asks for these files.</p>
<p>Nice job! Thanks for sharing!</p>

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