Picture of Arduino Gameboy

This is an awesome intractable on how to make your very own arduino gameboy! Its is fun and easy to make. You can bring it anywhere you want and play any game you want!

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Step 1: Putting The Circuit Together

Picture of Putting The Circuit Together
Arduino Uno
16x2 lcd screen
2 potentiometers
solder-less breadboard

1. Connect the potentiometer to the lcd screen, and the screen to the arduino as shown in the schematic below.

Step 2: Finishing The Curcuit

Picture of Finishing The Curcuit
1. Add in the second potentiometer to pin 1.
2. Attach the positive and negative wires to the correct pins on the arduino like shown below.
3. Mount everything on the breadboard.

Step 3: Put Everything Together

Picture of Put Everything Together
1. Cut out some cardboard with the correct mesurments for a case.
2. Glue (or tape) the pieces together and insert the circuit boards.
ualbuquerque8 months ago